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At 7:03am on October 19, 2010, kaulsil said…
hello friend please I would like to add? thanks, kisses
At 5:05am on December 25, 2009, Bling said…
Honey =D
Feliz Navidad y Feliz un ano bueno!
Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2010!

thanks honey <3 yeah I like your languarge ^^ and yeah I think that I got already a bit better ;D
School sounds soo hard.. and by you too -.-'
but now we both have holidays :D
what are you going to do?

honey? miss you
see you soon here.. and btw how are you?
At 5:58am on December 3, 2009, Bling said…
Well... Italy.. is nearly my biggest dream to go to.. I know so much Italian ppl and they are all kind...Well.. I don't have a problem with phisics.. it's not too bad for me..
but I still have one with chemestry... I hope that it will disapear!
I got a 1 in my Spanish exam... (a 1 is the best you can get here in a exam...)
and I really love Spanish! .. I even can say where I am and what I am doing.. and other things..
You have holidays now???
I'm still wishing you the best with driving.. <3
well.. I was sick.. so I couldn't come onlinde.. and well.. I think I am soo busy.. nearly too busy.. but that are all students in my class... but I start to hate my schoolsystem it is soooo worse..
*hugs and kisses* ♥
At 8:14am on November 2, 2009, Bling said…
hey <333
thank you so much <3
well.. yeah when you can I would say that you should come to Germany once..
I also wanna see your country once <3
I love to see new countries.. next year I will see Italy <333
and with my class we are going to go to the Netherlands..
both will be great!
and my exams.. well today chemestry.. tomorrow spanish and on the day after tomorrow history xD
so much in one week xD
and tomorrow we will get German back... but doesn't matter
how is your school at the moment?
and how is your driving?
see you here <333
*hugs & kisses*
At 1:36am on November 1, 2009, Bling said…
sweety <333
thanks for your understanding!
and yeah.. they are very important..
but yeah.. I hope that they are alright...
still I have just some seconds here..
not much xD
but well.. i think I would love your weather..
I like it when it is hot^^
and to the malls.. well we have some.. but yeah Germany is special xD
here are crazy things xD
see you <333
*hugs & kisses*
At 11:53am on October 27, 2009, Bling said…
sweety <333
well my weather is cold.. too cold! I don't like cold weather... I love sun!
We have malls.. but there are just some... maybe 3 bigger ones..
I really hope that everything is alright^^
sorry for not writing,, but I had exams... and they are important^^
see you <333
At 12:52am on October 20, 2009, Bling said…
thanks for your hopeing.. <333
but I don't know if it will get better soon ^^
but I also hope it <333

I wish you tons of luck that your test is good when you get it back!
Do you already know it? when yes please tell me how it was ? yah?
I love shopping <333 but I don't do it often.. sometimes it's annoying and I have to be in a good mood.. because when I am not then shopping can be annyoing for all who are with me ;D I often don't like to walk that much when it is cold.. in the houses it isn't the problem .. just move from house to house..
know we don't have so many building in which are more than one shop...
just three big shopping centre..
how is it by you? do you have more shopping centres or just houses with one shop`?

see you hopefully soon <333
At 5:25am on October 19, 2009, Bling said…
Thanks for the luck! I really need it ^^
and with Italian.. yeah it's easy.. I learned it before I know something in Spanish.. so Spanish was also not that hard.
well my day is not so good...
how are yours at the moment?
well.. anything happened?
see you <333
At 6:57pm on October 18, 2009, jessi delgado said…
hey im good how r u?? ohh thanz 4 liking my pics umm oh i like Tokio Hotel of course paramore. escape the fate. linkin park. panic at the disco. nirvana. muse. green day. avenge sevenfold. cold play. from first to last and AFI.
At 3:08pm on October 18, 2009, jessi delgado said…
hey u like alot of the same bands i do and i love ur pics =D
At 2:30am on October 17, 2009, Bling said…
love Spanish and English <333 don't like German so much...
That's for your luck and for the helping thing <333
that'S also for you! when you need some German stuff/words ask me ;D
Well both are German bands but in Germany is a little fight between both fans.. it's a bit sad when you for example can see that the fans can be fans of both.. well I am just cb fan but just because I don't like th's music so much.. but even I had automatic once in my head.. but still for me cb is better <333
I wish for you and other fans that they will come to you!
maybe in a year or a half one^^
I also love to learn languarges! I love also learning Italian and Estonian..
both are a bit complecated but cool <333
I already thought that Wie geht's? is easier for you^^
I think Usted sound a lill bit weird by me...
Well I am happy and unhappy with the rule of 18..
but as you say,.. it's better so than having an accident!

*hugs back* I like to talk to you< 333
see you <3
At 1:02am on October 13, 2009, Bling said…
I am also happy to talk to you again!
Aprendo espanol en el instituto. (for 3 weeks <3)
Amo espanol <3.
but I just can say who I am from where I am and what I study.
Also that there is a concert.
Manana hay un concierto.

I am happy that you still like their music.. even when I still don't do
but don't worry <3
yeah.. I can understand the thing with the concert..
well.. maybe they will come once to your country..
don't give up your hope!

well.. Wie geht es Ihnen? is like when you speak to an adult that you don't know..
well.. I am a "child" I am just 14 years old and not 18...
better say Wie geht's? or when you wanna take the long form Wie geht es dir?
it's better when you say that to a young person..
or do you talk with your friends in the 3rd person with "usted"?
I don't think so.. but don't worry.. everybody understand that question..
and it's very friendly! even friendly when you say it to a child..
but normally you don't say Ihnen to a young person..
understand what I mean?

and you drive?
that's cool...
in Germany you aren't allowed to drive with 16....
there just with 18 or with a part of the parents with 17 ...
lucky you <3
and how is it? do you like it?

hugs <333 y kisses <333
bye <3
At 9:47am on September 9, 2009, Bling said…
Hey :D
I hope that you are alright!
sorry for not writing but I was at that island and then I had an accident...
how are you?
what happened by yoU?
kisses !
At 4:24pm on September 3, 2009, Kiara said…
At 2:13am on July 27, 2009, Bling said…
Fisrt.. I still don't like your add comment button..
or different .. IT DON'T LIKE ME xD

Well yeah CB is sweet.. I mean the guys .. well I will see them in October :D
ok not as a Meet and Greet but I will see the concert :D

I hope that you have LOTS OF FUN with your friends!
cool :D I like dogs^^

Oh man.. I think I am a lucky person at the moment...
I saw the cocnert from Lady Gaga yesterday :D
I am still in a dream world xD
well.. maybe not....anymore... but I still can't stop talking about it...

Please take care^^ and I hope to see you here ....
At 1:03am on July 18, 2009, Bling said…
Hey :D
first at all.. I wanted to say I hate your add comment button.. in the last thing I wrote have xD

yeah.. I know that my school should let me go.. but they didn't let me =(
well.. yeah I also think that it was really awesome from the guys to do that!
I mean they didn't have to.. but they did :D :D :D
ssooooooo kind!

what's going on by you? anything happened?
well. I hope that you are álright^^
see you here <333
& pls take care for yourself^^
At 9:16am on July 13, 2009, Bling said…
Do you know that I have your add comment button?
it was not kind to me!
now I am writing my massage again!
thanks for asking how I am..
I am better.. but still I am ill =(
but it's ok..

well.. I hope that you will have fun.. also without MJ..
I think the thing with your cousins sounds great!
and the thing with the beach awesome!
well.. I hope that you still have much fun!

well.. yeah I am really totally happy for something..
I think when that wouldn't happpen my health would be more worse...
but it sounds like a well.. like a fantasy.. xD
ok.. first I won by a meet and greet with Cinema Bizarre...
the only thing was that the m&G was about 1000km away from me..
and my school said no..
I told the whole story to the guys from the magazine where i won it..
well. then they said they will sent me something to make me happy..
because they said that my school is dumb to let me not be there..
(ok they don't they dumb.. but not kind)
well. on monday the 6 of July the concert and the m&G was...
but without me..
I was really said!
and well.. at the 7th.. I got an e-mail..
and the e-mail was from the magazine!
I was like wow...
I opened it and there I saw a picture..
I couldn't believe what I saw!
it was just wow!
they sent me a picture with all guys holding a poster in their hand..
the guys.. gave some of their time to make that pic for me!!!!!!!!
and at the poster stand that I can't be there...
but that they are happy to have me as a fan!
there even stand my name !
Do you know how happy I am?
That's the best thing after a meet and greet you can get..
and they look soo cute at it!

well.. sorry for writing so much xD
but I am still totally happy about it!!!!
I mean it's even not a week ago..

well.. I hope that you still have fun!
and take care!
see you here <333
At 4:17pm on July 12, 2009, marralu said…
hola vota por tokio hotel en mtvla
At 5:45am on July 11, 2009, Tamara Kaulitz said…
Hello, I see you're a TOKIO HOTEL fan. I thought I'd offer you a place on the TOKIOH.COM mailing list. You'll be notified with all the latest TH news, photo updates, audio and more from the site right to your Inbox! :D SUBSCRIBE HERE (
At 6:16am on July 8, 2009, Bling said…
Hey :D
oh the thing with your dog sounds great!
I am happy about that!
well. my health is ok at the moment...
so please tell me what happened by you?
pls tell me!
I wanna know ;D
I am sooo happy :D well will tell you that why another time.. sorry!
but my eyes are hurting and I can't sit long at the pc =(
well. but all is great :D except that I am still ill
and I hate that too!
and when you can't breath good.. it is hard o.Ô.
well.. see you here :D
and I am sorry for my late and short reply...!

bye <333333


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