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At 2:36am on May 8, 2010, Bling said…
sweet :)
how are you?
is everything fine?
yeah, their music will always be in my heart.
I am glad that you were by TH.
Were there anything special?
Do you wanna tell me more about it?
In Germany everything is confused because of Greece.
It's strange.
and How by you? is everything alright in Italy?
I love your country.I am sorry but I have got no facebook.
I will make it me soon hopefully.
how's live going on by you?
See you sweet <3
At 10:37am on March 26, 2010, Bling said…
sweet <3
what happened?
where th already?
by me everything is better.. I needed a long break from the site..
I think you can understand why..
now two months over I can come to it and say:
CB is and was the best band for me
and I really look very positiv back at the time..
and know: the music is still here and there and it are still in me <3
it was all complecated.. but now.. I know what I want and how I feel about it...
what is going on by you honey?
why are you sooo sad????
At 10:29am on March 26, 2010, Bling said…
hey honey <3
how are you sweet???
At 9:38am on January 26, 2010, Bling said…
I am bad and soooo sad!
I wasn't here because of my sadness..
My favourite band Cinema Bizarre split.
or better they have a long break with an open ending.
I cry so much.
They are everything for me.
sooo sad...
I also can't sleep so well...
and this site let me remember them soooooo much...
so I haven't been online
know.. I have always tears in my face when I am online or open the site...
i miss you tooo
and I am sooo sorry..
whatt's going on by you?

At 3:13am on January 1, 2010, Bling said…
Happy New Year sweety <3

will write you tomorrow more <3
enjoy today <3
how was your yesterday?
miss you <3
At 5:08am on December 25, 2009, Bling said…
Honey :D
I am fine and you?
I got 15 :D I am sooo happy ;D
and merry christmas dear ^^
by me also it's the same like every time in the year.. -> school ....
have you also got your holidays`?
what are you going to do?
love you <333
wish you the best for 2010!

see you <3
At 6:06am on December 3, 2009, Bling said…
hey sweety <333
well.. I am ok.. I was sick.. sorry.
and how are you????

yeah.. sure I like twilight!.. you too?

No sadly I didn't go to the EMAS... so sad.. but I saw them in tv.. that's ok^^

Yeah I saw the fake wall.. and well.. I think even when you aren't a th fan the performance was alright..

You can go to disco with 15??? sry but that sounds a bit strange for me.. because here you have to be 18 or 16...

by the way what happened by you? anything new?

*hugs & kisses* <333
At 5:57am on November 7, 2009, Bling said…
hey sweet =D

I think you'll have much fun at the concert!
Enjoy it!

Yeah.. witht he sixteen rule it is hard.. I know that problem...

In these days Germany is exciting.. I think..
The EMA's were in Berlin..
and that was a great show *.*
I am sooo sad that I hadn't holidays.. and that I weren't there..
I think you liked the TH performance.. right?

At Halloween I watched Twilight with very good friends ^^
It was the first time that I watched Twilight and I haven't read the book yet..
so it was great ^^
and yeah.. we wachted it in English xD not in German..
that must sound strange for you but our English teacher told us to watch a film in English and we did that =D

At my age we aren't allowed to go out late.. so also not to discos..
but if we were 16 we could go to it till 10 pm .. I think...

*hugs and kisses*

c u <3
At 12:59am on October 31, 2009, Bling said…
and by the way...
Happy Halloween!
At 12:55am on October 31, 2009, Bling said…
hey sweet =D

wow you have the ticket ^^
I wish you much fun there!

thanks I am good and you?

No problem! I am also very busy with the school...
I know how it is.. -.-'

yes I changed the nick and the picture and my whole site..
but I didn't want it !
but thanks that you like it <333

ohw! I am sorry that you are ill!
I hope that you are better.. I thought in Italy it is warmer than here...

No.. I haven't seen "UP" now.. or maybe.. I will look what the German name is..

Well.. I haven't heard their CD yet.. just their singles Automatisch and Automatic...
(both versions)... I think you can hear both even when you aren't a fan of them...
and the melody gets easy in your head.. so good work...
but still I am no fan.

thanks that you wanna meet me.. me you too.. but there is a huge/big distance between us..

Where in Germany is your exchange school?
Maybe I know it ^^

I love you too !
You are a kind girl!

see you here <333
At 7:42am on October 2, 2009, Bling said…
hey sweet =D

and yeah I am okay.. but I still can't walk & run without problems
and now I got something in my mouth and that hurts so much that I can't speak,.. but all my friends have it also in their mouth and they say it will be better soon!

no! with the sentence well how are you sweet I mean wih the sweet just something like a very good friend!

oh.. my school started about the end of August -.-'

and well.. I hope that you are fine..
and well the resons why I haven't written is easy,...
I am planing to go at an exchange year to the USA or New Zealand..
and well.. I also have to study very much in school!
and there is nearly no time to reply anyhting..
and I feel sooo sorry°!!!!
But I think soon it will be better ;D

and well in my holidays I will have a bit time to write comments^^

hope to see you soon!
At 5:36am on August 16, 2009, Bling said…
hey :D

well. first I am sorry.. that I didn't write yesterday...
well.. I was soo sad..
I met new friends there...
well.. no Italian ones.. but some from Germany..
on one day a Italian boy follow me to my room !
that was scary...
He even knock at the door..
and say hallo.. I know you are there..
Well.. my Dad oppened the door.. and well.. then the boy went away..
oh man.. I was like .. I don't know him.. why did he follow me?
my parents first don't believe me that I didn't know him.. but I really didn't know him.. -.-
well. and I was by the German club with children from 13 to 17 year old..
well.. the guy that makes games with us was 20 and really kind^^
I mean.. he was sooo kind.. arw. we understand each other without words..
and well.. he even gave me his e.mail adress.. so that we can still have a contact to each other..
then there were also 3 girls and well.. I think with all 3 I will have the contact ... well.. and with the boys.. well.. with one boy I will.. he is 16 and also very kind.. and with the others.. well I don't think that I will have any contact with them ..
but they doesn't matter...
well.. sorry I am soo sad that I have it not anymore...
well.. you should know.. the club was from 10.00 am to 12.30 am and then from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm.. and in the evening we all met again..
and even Nike the 20years old guy from the top.. had fun with us there..
well.. sadly it's over...
and I miss that pizza,!!!!!!! the guy made it hisself.. know selfmade pizza..
soo awesome.. and he was from Italy too :D
well.. sorry.. when you want I can write more.. but not now ...

what happened that you are soo confused?
please tell me when I can help you...

see you soon here hopefully :D <3333
At 9:07am on August 13, 2009, Bling said…
Hey :D
come va?
- pizza multo bene...
in my hotel were many Italian people..
it was sooooooooooooooo awesome..
I met new friends.. but I am very tired...
I am awake to long yet...
I mean I am awake since 3.30 AM and now it is 6.06 PM
will write to you tomorrow...
I will sleep NOW...

At 7:58am on July 27, 2009, tomminakaulitz said…
ciao kikka,km stai???xdonami xqst assenza ma sn stata pk mi diki??hai saputo del titolo del kd e la data di uscita???nn vedo l'ora.....1megakiss sl xte.....hallooooo....
At 5:35am on July 25, 2009, Bling said…
now I love your Buddy ^^

dear ? by the wa how are you?
and thanks my health is much better !

well.. by me there is not soo much with boys..
I mean I like one more than others but I think more as an older brother...
well.. I don't know..
I had about three chances to get a boyfriend..
but I haven't loved that boys..
and well.. there I didn't want a boyfriend..
well now I have nothing against one..
but here is no boy that I love...(at the moment)

well maybe after the holidays .. I don't know...

hmm.. well what is going on by you?
anything new?

At 9:04am on July 13, 2009, Bling said…
I am happy that you are fine..
but would you pls do your buddy.. so that
it isn't cying? please..
I don't like that you are cying!

well.. thanks for the heal ;D
I am a bit better...

I am really happy for you that he said to you that you are beautiful!
well.. maybe.. as I said it before.. asked a really good friend..
that knows him more than me ;D
what she thinks about it..
I don't want.. that he hurts you later..!

I miss you soooooo muuuucchhhh too!
but please take care.. ya?
see you here <3333
At 8:17am on July 8, 2009, tomminakaulitz said…
ue kikka...skusa ma il pk lo akkendo stt esame in qst xiodo e mega strexata...kmq tt bene nn vedo l'ora ke eska il kd e ke eskano le date dei konkerti....xdonami ankora....15anni??wow sembri piu'grande dalla foto.... kixkix.....
At 6:52am on July 8, 2009, Bling said…
ciao :D
I am sorry for my late reply dear!
but I am still ill =( .. -> but I am better :D
well.. good to hear that you are fine..
is that still so?

and thanks for explaining me what mille mean!

I am sorry.. but I also don't know what he feels for you...
but when he looks at you...
MAYBE it would be the best when you ask a good friend..
(that know him)
what she thinks about it..
but make sure.. that you can trust her!
because sometimes when you tell it the wrong people it can get a disaster..
well but it have not to get one!!!!!!

well.. that with the phone.. I will write you a massage (private) here..
ok? well... but it could be that I write that massage in one or two days..
because I can't sit long at the pc =(

but I also miss you much!
see you here dear <3333333
At 1:07am on July 5, 2009, tomminakaulitz said…
ciaooo stai???volevo augurarti buona ho finito di ripaxare xl'esame e ora mi konkedo 1po'di svago......ti saluto e ti mando 1grande kiss....e rikorda....TOKIO HOTEL FUR IMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 8:58am on July 3, 2009, Tamara Kaulitz said…
Hello, I see you're a TOKIO HOTEL fan. I thought I'd offer you a place on the TOKIOH.COM mailing list. You'll be notified with all the latest TH news, photo updates, audio and more from the site right to your Inbox! :D SUBSCRIBE HERE (


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