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At 12:28pm on October 12, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
im so glad to hear from you agian!!!
i have been so sad these past few months... so much drama has happened with me.

what about you? how have you been? im not mad at you for not talking sooner, i was just a little concerned was all, but all is good between us, i promise!! :)

well get back to me soon ok? miss you girl, talk to you later, ok? luv ya!! bye.
At 12:19pm on September 20, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
hey Nicole. just wanted to know if you still wanted to chat, haven't heard from you in forever.... let me know girl. really want to talk to you some more.

ttyl girl, bye!
At 4:23am on July 28, 2010, JoGabii said…
como estas?
At 11:18am on April 1, 2010, danielle robles said…
hey what have u been up to. i havent talked to u in fore ever =)
At 10:24am on February 24, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…

At 10:24am on February 24, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
hey hey
here is that picture that i told you about in the email that i wrote you earlier!! ENJOY!! i know i did, lol

luv ya girl, take care!!
At 2:51pm on February 15, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
drop dead georgous picture of the twins!
I LOVE BILL!!!!<3<3<3 he's really sexy lol...

lol, i had to say that=D. sorry i havent gotten back sooner... my computer gave out on me and the screen wont turn on anymore.... its sad, so i had to wait till i came back to my mom's house so i could use her computer..

i didnt want you to think that i quit talking to you for no reason... i would feel horrible

and yes i would love to hear about your story...
At 2:22pm on February 13, 2010, danielle robles said…
and by the way my fave is bill but i also love tom. but i am so obsessed with bill :Q XD
At 2:18pm on February 13, 2010, danielle robles said…
sorry i read what i wrote last time totaly didnt make sence XD. i was in a hery. and ur welcome it realy is a wicked pic. by the way i sent u a request :)
At 11:28am on February 8, 2010, danielle robles said…
i realy love ur pic of tomare u a th fan or you just like tom? :)
At 1:54am on February 8, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
Hi Scarlett! be the girlfriend of Bill...that would be so damn amazing, to be Mrs. Bill Kaulitz lol, even more amazing XDXDXDXD!!

how would you feel if you got the chance to be Tom's girlfriend? you would be ecstatic too wouldn't you?! =) its a lovely thought though isnt it

kewl we both like the color purple! lol! but our animals not so much lol, my favorite animal has got to be the Wolf! they are so amazing, so pretty and yet so powerful. Most people don't understand them though. Most think that they are ruthless killers... but they are wrong!

see, how can something this beautiful be an unthinking killer? sure they kill, but they only kill to eat and nothing more... but they are my favorite animal, always has been and always will be =)

on the other subject lol. One day i just hope to find my "meant to be"... that would be amazing XD but at the moment i can wait cause im still young... well kinda XD and yeah you do have a way with words =) its really quite kewl

hey did you check out the lyrics to this song on my page? Shane wrote this song as a goodbye note to all his friends =( ... he has to move to Texas to live with his dad.... he doesn't know when he can come back either, i just hope this isnt goodbye for good, ya know?

well i have to go again, ill talk to ya soon! luv ya lotz!! bye.
At 11:31am on February 6, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
hey!! sorry i didnt write back sooner, i was out with Shane the past couple nights...
we were hanging out at his friends house for a change... boring as hell, lol

yes i love that we understand eachother too!! XD it makes me so happy lol.

and i agree, i would like to be rich as well, to drive a different car, and to have my own house... and to be Bill's girlfriend!!! rotfl, it would be amazing! =) and yes, it would be great to meet you too. XD

in a way i totally agree with Bill when he says that he doenst want just a girlfriend, but he wants to find his soulmate, someone who understands him for who he is... im exactly the same way. i want to find someone who will take me for who i am and not what i look like! i want someone who can understand me... without judging....

you ask what my favorite color is... i would have to say purple! what about you, what is your favorite color? what is your favorite animal?

I have to go now! cant wait to hear from you again!! luv you lotz girl!!! bye=)
At 10:28am on February 4, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
oh... i almost forgot one question that you had... no i dont have a boyfriend.. ive been single for about 4 years now and i do not like it at all... i mean its good that i have a friend thats a guy, but i want something so much more, ya know?

and yes, Bill is extremely hot! lol
alright girl take care of yourself!!! bye.
At 10:23am on February 4, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
Hey Scarlett!
its ok that you didnt get back sooner, i understand^_^
lol i know how school can be. i graduated just last year so i still have a feeling for how it was XD

it would be awesome if we could really meet! I have a feeling we would click so well together lol.

have you ever dyed your hair a different color?
my hair is originally a light brown color, but i dyed it black a while ago and i havent given it a chance to grow back to its original color lol. at one point in time i had my hair cut and layered similar to Bill's, back when it was long lol, and i had it dyed black with red highlights all through it. it was frickin awesome! lol. but now my hair goes just a little bit past my shoulders and its jet black.

and yes guys are messy! ugh, its so miserable cleaning up after them cause it seems like it doesnt matter how many times you do it cause it just gets messy again quickly.. its rather annoying >_br />
have you ever wished your life was somthing completly different from what you live now? i was just thinking about that today... what if i were rich? how would i live? where would i live? what would my friends be like? what kind of a car would i drive?
just random questions like that really get me thinking lol.
well i have to go, hope to hear from you soon!!! luv you lotz. bye!
At 3:35am on February 2, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
its ok, i just happened to finally see you on there and i was hoping to get a chance to talk to you in "person"...? lol.
i hate being stuck at the doctors and i hate taking pills... they are so stupid, but i guess if the get ya better its alright to withstand them i suppose..
i hope you're problem clears up by then! i would hate to be an emotional wreck..

Yeah when i left for work he was just sitting on the couch on the computer and then when i came home he walked out of the bathroom with a pair of scissors in his hand and half of his hair was gone lol. i was a little concerned what my bathroom looked like, and there was a huge pile of black hair on the floor... lol, guess who was the one who got to clean that up... let me just say that it wasn't him! lol.

ah, and yes Bill almost does look like a skeleton... it's almost scary. i guess that's what he gets for not eating... but other than that, i do think that he still looks hot XD

well i have to go... i have to sleep at some point in time!!! lol, cant wait to hear from you again. luv ya girl!! bye:)
At 4:46pm on February 1, 2010, Harpreet Kundan said…
I've been a fan since birth. LOL
How about you?
At 9:43pm on January 31, 2010, Harpreet Kundan said…
I'm great, thanks. How are you?
At 4:00pm on January 31, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
oh sorry i spelled love chat and i meant live chat!!! lol
At 3:58pm on January 31, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
when i got on here i saw that you were on the love chat thing and then when i went to go talk to you, you signed off lol. we just barely missed each other

im feeling better today. i have to take these stupid pills twice a day when i eat..

How have you been lately? anything new?

I have Shane convinced that you are my sister and i plan to keep it that way lol. we got really bored on night and we decided that we needed new pics lol, so he cut his hair right then and there in my bathroom and decided to take over my camera. i have to admit that it was fun though

which hairstyle do i like the best? i think i liked it when he had his hair spiked up like a mane, i thought that was awesome!! but i have come to like the mo-hawk idea too, so don't get me wrong lol. i can't believe that he has gotten so skinny in such a short amount of time though, its almost worry some. like i found this picture of him and you can see his entire ribcage through his shirt... that's how bad it is. Hmm.... oh well....

Can't wait to hear from you again soon!!!! Luv you lots!!! bye!
At 2:27am on January 30, 2010, Phantom Rider's Angel said…
i ended up just having a doctor's appointment... its not as bad as i though it would be, but its definitely not good either.. my doctor said that i have a lung infection... now I'm on antibiotics until i get better... these pills are huge!! lol

who would you ask that? Bill or Tom? lol and it's ok, every girl wants to know if they look pretty to a guy or not. it just natural not crazy at all lol!

So yeah i have my best friend convinced that you are my sister. He noticed that i write to you alot and so i told him that you are my sister that had to move away... and i think that he believed me! lol. would you like to see a picture of whom i am talking about? He has been there for me for the past few months and vise-vera.
he doesn't live with his mom anymore so he's pretty much been living with me for the past couple of weeks.

His name is Shane, he's about your age i think.

well hey i have to go now! i hope to hear from you soon!!! luv you lots! bye.XD


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