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At 4:49pm on October 5, 2010, ☆ Dhalal ☆ said…
Hola !!!
pasaba para saludarte y pedirte un favor !!!
mira estoy participando de un concurso en mi país (Perú) vía Facebook
en el cual tienes que dibujar a Tokio Hotel y el dibujo con mas comentarios gana xD
con tan solo un comentario bastara POR FAVOR !!! Necesito de su ayuda !!!
Hoy por mi mañana por ti <3

Primero debes unirte a este grupo:

*Luego comentas mi dibujo:

Enserio quiero ganar espero que me ayuden

Adiós !!! y muchas gracias ^-^
At 10:04pm on February 12, 2010, club de fans screaming with th said…
For more information about this: or

Or in our mail:
[email protected]

or these numbers:

55 59 81 61 26
(with Diana)

55 23 85 64 41
(with Tania)

Watch the video of the promotion!

This is no obligation for anyone, if you want to participate you are welcome, if you belong to any club, we will post later a list of all clubs who are supporting us, if for some reason the club you belong is not on that list but you do want to attend, even if you are an independent fan (do not belong to any club) you will attend, this is not going to judge you are forced to swim anything.

help us expand the information
At 10:04pm on February 12, 2010, club de fans screaming with th said…
Break a record with Tokio Hotel in Mexico!

The Mexican fans of Tokio Hotel is holding a contest which would gather as many fans and sing the song 'Monsoon' and break a record, for those who want to join below is more information on how you can participate. Also if you're from Mexico do not forget to participate and invite more friends and friends to join.

Breaking a Record with Tokio Hotel

It consists, as its name says break a Guinness record, this would be the largest amount of fans singing the same song, which obviously serious 'Monsoon' if your question is why Monsoon?, The answer is very simple, with that song were released here in Mexico and that is arranged by Mexican fans but for this we need your help! All we ask is your assistance!

This is planned for May 2010, the day will be held still pending because we have some dates that have come on TH in Mexico, so it is not fixed yet but as soon as we obviously were reported.

This is organized by a fan club, but not you support us we will force you to join, it is more than anything for them to realize how much they are loved here in Mexico and they know that the day decide to come and give a concert will see story has support from their fans.
At 4:59pm on February 1, 2010, Julia Del Pilar said…
At 7:02pm on October 13, 2009, TaLeeya D said…
Thanx for the add!!!
At 9:48am on October 5, 2009, mOnkei said…
Ahaha.. muy lindo el videoo LEslyzitaa..


Aunke muy rapidOo.. En fin


nice profile!!
At 3:31pm on September 17, 2009, Lilli76 said…
At 9:56am on August 18, 2009, Va-Nessy A L | E N ktz♥ said…
hola¡¡¡ nena q gneial video oie¡¡ puedes avisarles a las chikas,, y en es estoy, te aviso el dia de toklio hotel se recorre para el 30 de septiembre cheka las razones en mi blog la informacion es oficial y mundial bye
At 7:46am on August 14, 2009, TokioHotel-Maghreb said…
Hi :D
I love your page, especially the video XDD
I love it :p
At 8:21pm on August 10, 2009, Melanie* said…
ohhhhhh leslisita tu page ta xvr
bye ctd kuss

pdt :esperoq eu pases por el mio ....jeje
At 8:16am on August 9, 2009, RetteMich said…
Hello, how are you?
Your page is very nice! :)
Tokio Hotel ♥

At 1:54pm on August 7, 2009, PaolaSTH said…
eres una lechera, ni yo que tengo familia en España, he podido conseguir el polo

suertura Leizy!
At 11:41am on August 4, 2009, Sharon KaulitZ ! said…
woooooooooooooo ke suerteeee !
ya kisiera tener ese polooo !
hahaha pero el prox año me voi 3 meses a U.S.A. hahaha !
obvio ke me lo voi a comprarrr !
^_^ cuidate !
At 9:36am on August 4, 2009, TifaMacky said…
Win the calendar 2010 of Tokio Hotel!!!

Click here

If you want to win the calendar,you can enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the page =)!!
At 3:08am on July 29, 2009, ♥_°BiLLkuGinA°_♥ said…
ahah i've wrote tokio hotel in the sand too when i was on holiday!XD
At 5:06pm on July 27, 2009, Va-Nessy A L | E N ktz♥ said…
o nena lo se... io iwal soee fan y la pedi x internet peor no me me meti a un monton de concursos iwal i nada U.u pero de q la consigo al consigo jiji ntp i dnk x respondeme¡¡¡¡¡ jejejejeje lee info esta genial muakzzzz
At 9:42am on July 24, 2009, Sharon KaulitZ ! said…
OMG ! tienes el polo de H&M !!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaa donde lo consegiste yo tambien lo kieroooooooooooo ! ^_^ hehehe .. bueno me tienes ke decir donde consegiste el polo xke me muero x tenerlo siii ??? ^^
At 4:07pm on July 21, 2009, Va-Nessy A L | E N ktz♥ said…
hii¡¡¡ wooww¡¡¡ tienes la playera de h&m¡¡ como la conseguiste si no la vendian en latinoamerika?? woow esta genial¡¡¡¡ U.u l qiero xD biee..
At 7:54pm on July 20, 2009, Cassy Smith said…
New tokio hotel cd will be called humaniod!!!!! i think that how they spelled it!!!!!!!!!! go 2 their page 4 more info!!!!!!!!!!!
At 6:59pm on July 19, 2009, ║* JeNn¥ *║ said…
hi lezly!
OMG i liked a lot your reden version
haha so funny! ^^


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