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At 11:08am on November 6, 2011, Chris Holbrook said…

Hi Scott,


My name is Chris, I'm part of the band GSR. We just finished our full length record "Bright Side". You can check it out at the link below. I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks for your time.

At 8:01am on November 5, 2011, AmyPond said…
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Scott ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
At 3:25am on October 19, 2011, AmyPond said…

Scott!!!!! How are you???????????????

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nowadays., Crazy busy........

I'm tired..... I need your show.

At 1:52pm on October 17, 2011, Jakob_Wallace said…


Back in the 20th century, young artists could get discovered by hanging out near recording studios, mailing demo tapes to a&r guys, and approaching famous we live in the digital age: What are we to do? All we can do, is send out links, and hope the right person has a listen. Thanks,


At 9:04am on September 18, 2011, AmyPond said…

S ay Hello! Scott :D

C ool and Sweet!

O nly., Scott♥

T hinking of you!

T hank you! hahahaha


I believe., you can find your name. HAHAHA




At 12:15pm on September 1, 2011, Justin Michael Howard said…

Hello Scott, I'm emailing you in regards to a fall internship at Cherrytree Records.  I looked through the website and came across a post in the discussions which lead me to your profile. 


I'm a Political Science/Music major at UCSB, but I'm taking classes this quarter at UCLA through concurrent enrollment so that I can take an internship here in Los Angeles.  I've played piano since I was six, sang in church and school choirs since I was 14, and have been involved in music my whole life and am now looking for new opportunities. 


In this case I would be looking for a songwriting internship, or a position as an apparentice songwriter.  I'm guessing this would be in the A&R or Music Publishing Department, but I'm not exactly sure.  If no songwriting internship would be available, I'd be happy to take any other internship in any department available. 


If you are not the right person to contact in regards to these matters, I'd greatly apreciate it if you could direct me to the write person to email, and if you send me your email address I would be more then happy to send you my resume. 


Thanks so much for reading,


At 3:54am on August 25, 2011, AmyPond said…
Hello Scott
At 9:08pm on August 12, 2011, AmyPond said…


At 8:45pm on August 12, 2011, AmyPond said…

I'm here!!!!

waiting your show!


At 10:36pm on August 6, 2011, AmyPond said…
Cap'n Scotttttt  :)  ♥_♥ Miss you..
At 1:26pm on August 6, 2011, Hearts and Sounds said…

Hi Scott,


  I'm sure you get a lot of these, but I represent a band out of Niagara Falls Canada called Hearts and Sounds. They've just released a full-length CD professionally produced, mixed and mastered and I was wondering if you would mind having a listen to a few of their songs. They have great respect for Cherrytree and have asked specifically if I could send a demo to you. Here is the link:


On that page is the band bio as well as other information.


Thanks for your time Scott and I hope you enjoy the songs!


Rob Barton

At 8:39pm on August 5, 2011, AmyPond said…

How are you? :)

Nowadays,It's too hot!!!

hahaha take care! Scott 8-)

At 1:25am on July 29, 2011, AmyPond said…
           Scotttttttt <3        
At 8:19pm on July 26, 2011, Einzin zheng said…
Hello Scott:

I'm a Taiwan fans, all Taiwan fans want to send birthday cards to Bill&Tom Kualitz of Tokio Hotel.

Could we send to US Cherrytree? Can Cherrytree pass on to them?
Who can help Taiwan fans?

At 3:36am on July 24, 2011, AmyPond said…
Scott Scott Scott! <3 <3 <3
At 5:35am on July 20, 2011, Mih said…

Hi... Scott... how long...

Scott... could you please add at your playlist for breakfast a beautiful song, of Tokio Hotelt it's so beautiful... "Hilf mir fliegen"   If you could it will be very nice... I have many things of Tokio Hotel, many cds... but this song... I had never heard...I loved... was like... Ahhh... I can't explain... was amazing what I felt...

At 8:55am on July 19, 2011, AmyPond said…

Hi Scott :)

Have a good day!

At 11:46pm on July 16, 2011, AmyPond said…

 Scott ;-)


<3 <3 <3

At 9:22pm on July 15, 2011, Paul said…
I wrote some songs, and I put them up on my profile. I can't perform them well, but I was wondering if you might give them a listen, and see what you think. Thanks - Paul
At 12:28am on July 14, 2011, AmyPond said…
 LOVE YOU Captain Scott!!      :) hahahahahaha LOL


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