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At 2:13pm on March 31, 2010, Cora said…
hey ya!!! How have you been???

kisses XOXO waiting for news from you ^^ =(^^)=
At 1:30pm on December 5, 2009, Cora said…
soooorrrryyy again for my late answer but....uff i wont say i'm to busy because i'm not but i spend my time on facebook because there are so awesome games and i just love playing them: farmville , cafe world, yovile and so on :D
well my teacher asked my math teacher what he thinks about me and he said that he has a good opinion about me and i was like: is he kidding??? i have a 5 and 6 like notes at him and he said that... anyway
i am so sorry that u lost th's concert but u saw mtv trl and u got 2 autographs . that vid is very good. i like it. well i gtg now to sleep because i'm kinda tired but i was laughing so much some minutes ago because i saw a pic with strify , a face one but that pic is too loooolll and a clip with vanessa ''singing'' bad romance- lady gaga ^^ right here (but she ''sings'' at the end of the video. it's on the 1 page XD)
good night and sweet dream :*:*:*:* kisses ^^
At 8:06am on November 15, 2009, Cora said…
i really liked!!!^^
i hope u decided about th concert. it's awesome that they come to Italy for that concert and i think u should go there but that's only your decision. what are u studying at?
sorry for my late request like usually but i was so busy those days and i'm still. my maths teacher bringed me that test and i took a small note like 6. i dont know how thei give the notes there.u receive A,B,C or 10, 9,8? i just finished to learn at chemistry and now i'm searching for something at Romanian,XD
kisses =(^.^)=
*my leg is numbed*...
At 2:29pm on November 1, 2009, Cora said…
oooo sweetieeee thx you a lot. i had a very funny day today ,i had fun with my friends and that's what matter .sorry but i hadn't time to answer to the last comm.i'm with the school and it's kind hard. but i hope to tak to u again.
how are you?what have you done in those days?
At 3:28am on October 17, 2009, Cora said…
don't worry!!!^^ my b-day is on 1th November
last night i discovered that he smokes and he's Capricorn like kiro XD but he might be a player because now he official has a gf and last night one of my classmate hugged him and do things like she would have been his gf and he said no...i mean he acted too like she would have been his gf but what annoys me is that when he looks into my eyes and say goodbye he has a cute smile and with it he makes me happy....but I'll miss him and who knows?he said that if he come back he would come into our class .
thx for the that myspace^^ and about myspace have you seen the new myspace of cinema bizarre?

At 11:55pm on October 13, 2009, Cora said…
that boy is gonna come back in Italy on 26th October ,he's gonna leave the class because their parents have to come back to Italy so...he wont come back.i'm so sad about that/when i heard i was like:what?why?o.O but he doesn't want to go away,he wants to stay here,so our ''story'' has to end here unfortunately and i dont know if i told u but he wears glasses and yesterday we had Sport and we played basketball and he played without his glasses and he so i'll make a picture with him because i want to remember himXD^_____^
yessssss i could see those videos and i like him and his music,i think i'll search for more songs and he sings very good live because there was live isn't it? far away(in November is my b-day XD) but i wish u to have fun there^^ .is he Italian?
At 6:35am on October 10, 2009, Cora said…
perhaps u'll think i'm crazy,maybe i am looking at those pictures and seeing kiro how sexy he looks dressed like that :-" but anyway here are some pictures :D :
At 6:17am on October 10, 2009, Cora said… i dont know if u have already seen it but it's a very good blog and awesome pictures^^
At 6:13am on October 10, 2009, Cora said…
Cora said…
don't worry i really don't think you're talking and talking....u're a very sweet girl and i like so much to talk to you:D
*laughs* hm...i started to talk to him,to know him a little bit and that's cool but you know, some days ago i had a test at maths and i made it bad,i will take a bad note because i wasn't attentive at that problem and...that sucks ,and the worst part is that the teacher will put the note on Product notes or how that is called and there i only have a 10 at German(i love this language) and with a 5(the note i'll take....)and my mom is upset on me and she doesn't leave me on Internet because i really deserve it after i did but today i'm lonely home and tomorrow i'll be too so i'll be on Internet^^ but i observed something,i think he likes another girl so i have to stop seeing him like a potential boyfriend .so he'll be just my classmate :( (just for now :D)
awwwww that picture with strify and kiro was woooooow kirooooooo*dreaming* and when he smile he is sosweet!!!!! that was so cute of strify!!!! ^_____^ they are awesome. i bought the magazine "Popcorn " and it contains a poster with the,(there stify is so sexy :-" )
today i had a singing lesson so i'm going on youtube to listen the song*love like blood* and of course take advantage of my free time(Monday school again...)
what about you?haven't u started the school?
At 11:34am on September 26, 2009, Cora said…
hey hey hey !!!!!!!!!!
waiting for some good new of you? how were the concerts?*curious* tell me,how looks kiro in reality with his long hair,and shin,strify,all of them XDXDXDXD. could you hug or talk to them? pleeeaaaaaaasssseeee o:-) i'll search for some videos on youtue in italy but i dont know if i find something :|
*laughing* yeah ,he is,and of course sweet and things like that but yeah WHO KNOWS??? :)) i talked to them and ofg i've never seen a boy who be smart,looking good and of course being a gent ^_________^ i really wanna go to school because i wanna see him again hahaha:hey i just noticed how he looks at me and... :D:D:D:D anyway i'll tell you if something is happening but first tell me about the concerd :D do u have pictures?
kisses and hugs^_____________^
p.s sorry if i stressed u with the concert but with almost all the ppl who i talked on the net about them they didnt said to much about them:(
At 2:09am on September 22, 2009, Cora said…
*laughs about the P.P.S*of course I will tell you what will happen but first let happens something.for example yesterday at English class one of my books fell of my bank and he,like a very sweet boy, rose from the bank(even if the English hour hadn't finished yet ,and gave it to me with a cute smile ,and i discovered that his eyes are green ^___^*think about that* (hahaha!!)
today i have German class,well the German like language and pronunciation it's very awesome and my teacher pronounces like that but the problem is at me,because I'm afraid to pronounce in front of her...-.-"(yeah i'm stupid ,i'm acted like my teacher will kill me if i said a word wrong...but i hope today i'll be able to pronounce well.)
awwwwwwwww you'll see them live ^______________________^o yeah!! that's very very awesome,i'm waiting for some pictures...(jocking) .so have fun at them concert because that's all that matters and if you u're luck ,maybe u could hug them and make some photos.
and thx a lot for your signature.that means a lot to me XD .with what name u signed?
kiss and hug =(^_^)=
*i gotta go to school XD*
At 12:11pm on September 16, 2009, Cora said…
what about you?:D
At 12:11pm on September 16, 2009, Cora said…
thx for ur good luck,i was very awesome in my first day because i thought it 's gonna to be bored but it wasn't.i met my new classmates (even if now i havent known them i hope i'll meet all of them sometimes :D )and yesterday was my first hour of German and i liked it so much,today the second and i hate it :)) i mean i dont have the German,i hate my stupid shyness of pronouncing the German and now i'm feeling very rrrrrrrr abput that.i wanna change that .please god,help meee!!!^__^
But in my class it's a romanian boy who lived in Italy for 5 years and he's very cute *grins* and when the teacher putted to pronounce inGerman he said the words in German but with Italian's accent,and that sounded so sweet 'cause i like italian ^____^
and about the petition,have u received that e-mail?cause i was looking on the signatures of the petition and i havent seen ur name there and i thought u havent received it :(
And yes ,it's not our fault about promoter 's stupid small brain didn't think what he was doing...and we only have 84 signatures and that's very very small number.
ok i gotta go to sleep cause tomorrow school,bla bla bla,i'll see that boy :-" (lol)
Good night and sweet dreams.kisses>:D/body>
At 9:07am on September 12, 2009, Cora said…
25th and 26 th September?????????
Wow wow wow u're so lucky,and u'll stay in the 1st or second row?
That's insane ^______^ if me,i'm excited when i hear about that but you,when u'll be there,see them and hear them live...
We're making a petition for Cb to come in Romania because i supposed u heard on cherrytree about that promoter who lied them and we're thinking they are upset on Romania and we want to get more signs and i'll be very very thankful to you if you want to sign for us.It's very important 'cause your vote will mean A LOT because u're not from Romania and of course u're a rel fa if u do that
and tomorrow,14th September,Monday i start the school's my first year of high school and i dont know at what to expect of that :D
Have u already started the school?
kiss*still thinking at those concerts*^_________^
At 3:55am on September 6, 2009, Cora said…
Yeah:)) but my request is in late too so...because i was busy these days :reading a fanfic ^.^ i'm addicted to it ,i think that explains my late mess.:D
Toyz...I hope to have it soo^.^
my days off i spent drawing (L),singing and Internet,excepting sleeping or things like that:D
What about you?U're in high school?
At 1:11pm on August 26, 2009, Cora said…
Now I'm pretty bored and annoyed by my stupid country called Romania-.-''
this cannot be happening 'cause it's too much for a country. sorry about that.
no i haven;t bought the cd because it will appear here in the winter or something like that XD
kisses and i wish u a good night because here it's night XD
At 7:56am on August 21, 2009, Cora said…
hm...I'm a little bit scared because i was downloaded a movie and then appeared it contains a virus and that sucks...but i moved it to the quarantine ,i hope it didn't affect my comp :(
excepting that problem with the virus yes,i had fun,sleeping,watching movies,listening to music,drawing and things like that.:D
so toyz came out today.Are you excited about it?XD
At 2:13pm on August 18, 2009, Cora said…
sorry for my late request but i was gone and now I'm back:)
About that boy i couldn't find something on you tube because in my country that video doesn't work like usually -.-" anytime when i must see something interesting appear:'this video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions'...
uffff i hope in some months it will work XDso what have you done in those days i was gone?
At 1:03pm on August 10, 2009, Cora said…
I'm in that period too :))
But from cinema bizarre,toyz,i'll choose :'Je ne regrette rien''.I love so much this song like the others but all i cold said is that i'm waiting so much for 21th august for buy this CD finally^.^
I was looking for dari(romeo's friend_)but i haven't find something.maybe if u want,send me the link of one video with him and i'll tell u what i think about him XD
My favorites bands/singers...cb,t.a.t.u,,paramore,placebo,lady gaga,miley cirus...etc and some Romanians bands:morandi,voltaj...XD
kisses >:D/body>
At 8:38am on August 9, 2009, fraisy-chocolat said…
baah i just went back from morrocco ^^ holiday with parents is soo.... boring-.- it was really hot there :( i also prefer to spend my holiday with friends ... take care of u and stay bizarre xxx ayummi


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