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At 3:36pm on March 28, 2013, sarah robles said…

 to day is my sister's 33rd birthday she passed away 8 months ago but we will always celebrate her birth. im commenting all my page friends to wish Teresa a Happy Birthday for me Thx :)

At 6:43am on July 7, 2011, yaman said…


At 10:14am on June 30, 2011, xxkaulitz89 said…


At 11:16pm on June 26, 2011, yaman said…

ماشي الحال رح فوت لهون وبس ومارح اعمل حساب على الفيس بس يخلص فحص المعهد بساوي واحد

سمعتا للغنية يلي حكينا عنا شي بتجنن

احكي معي بس تكوني فاضية

At 7:48am on June 22, 2011, xxkaulitz89 said…
whats happen with el-a5ar?
At 10:22am on June 15, 2011, xxkaulitz89 said…

Syrian nation?

shoo hayda?

At 3:29pm on June 9, 2011, xxkaulitz89 said…

yaa allah! Rabby y3eenik b'jd !

ana 3 thanawy, shahada kaman XD !!!

ra7 abda2 el exams in 10 June, ra7 emte7n 2 weeks

w entii e7sbi emta ra7 5l9 ='(

ana she'3li aktar menik ya benit hahaha +.+''

At 2:45am on May 26, 2011, xxkaulitz89 said…

Hi !

ya albi ana, ma3ndi Facebook XD !!

I'm so sorry, [=

Kefek ?! how Is ur school ?


At 5:13am on January 16, 2011, Ahmad Nazmi Shaheen said…
ya3ni mashi el 7al
At 9:24am on January 15, 2011, Ahmad Nazmi Shaheen said…
thx :) .....
At 11:39am on January 14, 2011, Ahmad Nazmi Shaheen said…
wallah my finals are tomorrow wish me luck .... and i am 20 years ..... and we'r gonna talk later on insha allah
At 2:52am on January 13, 2011, Ahmad Nazmi Shaheen said…
yah yah how is it going  .... ?
At 2:03pm on January 12, 2011, Matt Knibbs said…
hey not much. hows things?
At 3:11am on October 11, 2010, Naachi said…
Hi are you?Its been ages..

At 3:00pm on September 13, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
سويت لك إضاافة

بس غريبة انا متأكدة إني أضفتك من قبل ؟؟ 8_8

انتي في اي وقت بتكوني موجودة؟

لمآ تدخلي راح تلآقيني

;) i'm sure!
At 7:58am on September 13, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
جربي إرسلي إيميلك ع الرسائل الخاصة,
يمكن الخلل من عندي ؟

At 3:40am on September 11, 2010, leen yousfi said…
hi ehsan how r u? so how's eid and all these silly things with u ???:P:Panyway see u soon byeeeeeeeeeee:)oh i heard u brought vans feke ma t2ldenee:P:P:Pwhat do u mean by am not here anymore?????:S:S
At 2:43am on August 12, 2010, Marky_S said…
Hey :D
Thnx 4 the greetz :D
Ah, I have much things :D
Belt and more :D

How are you? :)
At 9:44am on August 9, 2010, Matt Knibbs said…
Hey you :)
Its been a while. how are things?
At 3:07am on August 8, 2010, Bling said…
Hey :)
I am sorry that I haven't been online for such a long time.
How have you been? And what's going on by you?
To your drawing. I like them. Most of all I like the 4th, 5th and the last one of Bill. How long have you drawn them?
Hope to hear soon from you


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