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At 8:18am on June 3, 2009, Jessica said…
I live in Milan..there's no sea, or beach here XD
so if you qant to go to sea you'll not came here ehehe
your mum doesn't want that you'll go to italy?
At 5:23am on June 3, 2009, Jessica said…
oh here is good yes XD
oh an holiday here? and where in specific here in italy?
At 4:07am on June 2, 2009, Jessica said…
uhm..listen to music, stay on thoif and go out with my friends^^
and what about you? ^^
(sorry if I answer only now xD)
At 3:55pm on May 13, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
Festivals and beautiful things
Kaerod and other
At 2:35pm on May 13, 2009, solitaire hill said…
Hey, hobbie wise i love fashion! and yea i've had a pretty good day. wat about urself?
At 3:32am on May 13, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
oh ,,, ys

i see Califonia in Movies ,,,

it's So Cool

& The Beech oh i love it

you know ,,

there is No Beech in Saudi Arabia :(
At 5:31pm on May 12, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
oh yes ,,,

i sow America in the movies
Eny Movies ,,,
if i can Treval ,, i will go to holewood & New work & london ^_^

where are you live ?
At 3:57am on May 12, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
MY Big Dream i see America in Real ... wow
i Hope it :(

i see America just in Movie loooooool
i love it

So ... you see Saudi Arabia ???
At 2:56am on May 12, 2009, Kiki_Takamasa said…
by the way, soon will be final exams so...i have not enough time to go out(((
do you like study?0_o
At 2:54am on May 12, 2009, Kiki_Takamasa said…
hehe) now it's day)
er....they'r quite different) my best friends dance tecktonik and listen to hip-hop opposite to me) they are usual teenagers and they find ME freaky and i quite agree with them)
in astana we have fanclub of tokiohotel so i was there for a bit, but now it's dead x_x so now i'm hanging out just with BF, they're ones who with for a very long time)
and you?
At 12:57am on May 12, 2009, solitaire hill said…
At 9:19pm on May 11, 2009, Mandii_Monster said…
um i rly don't have any hobbies besides annoying my boyfriend to death talking about Tokio Hotel lol....i dilike most things and have a bleak outlook on life so not much as for likes Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, candy, Bill Kaulitz, stickers, Bill Kaulitz, odd things you find at garage sales, Bill Kaulitz, cookies, and did i mention Bill Kaulitz?
At 7:51pm on May 11, 2009, SaraJane said…
yeah I used the internet. Website called Sparknotes! woah I'm so happy I used it! I finished the book! And then I took a test on it. I hope it all went well, I think I got 3 wrong...
How many dogs do you have? Saint Benards are big right?
I have one dog! He is a mutt, we rescued him ^__^ He is so big!! I don't really know what kind of Dog he is. I think he is flat coated retriever with a collie mix. He also looks like Belgium shepered, and his bark sounds like them too. He is my big mush! He is so gentil! Lots of people are scared of him because of his size =/
At 2:55pm on May 11, 2009, Mandii_Monster said…
Wisconsin it sux here just cows and packer fans
At 8:47am on May 11, 2009, Aleysha Kay Kaukitz said…
What do you mean by what r u?
I Love all types of music
At 7:17am on May 11, 2009, Kiki_Takamasa said…
my day's boring((( now it's 8:16 PM
i have to do homework((((
At 3:36am on May 11, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
Nice ,.,.,.

im that's the First Year in High School .,.,. loooooool

You Finish The School ???????
At 3:15pm on May 10, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
well ...
i lesson to the Music & Dance

Or Go to the Mall looooool

So ...
You love Tokio Hotel??
At 4:04am on May 10, 2009, Jessica said…
Hello ^^
Fine and you?
At 3:20am on May 10, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
omg !!!

i Dont Have MYspice XD


mmm >>> MY Day was Fun ^_^

what About you ?


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