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At 1:37am on February 21, 2011, Maria TH said…
Hey, sorry for late reply :/ I been ignore Tokio Hotel for 5 MONTHS! I know you should be judging me :/ my weekend? Can't remember hope it had to do something with Tokio Hotel XD
At 6:09pm on July 6, 2010, °O° MaYrA °O° said…
hey girl u know my name is Mayra too hehehe ... is funny =D
well i gotta go
bye bye
At 9:54am on April 25, 2010, jess said…
it's okay about the questions i would do the same. srr for my late answer!
the concert took place in forest national in belgium (25.02.10) and i didn't buy anything there, i thought they would come for an authographe but they didn't (or maybe when i left). but i understand that it would be hard. i heard that they go to taiwan now?! they've seen a lot of places :-) do u know more news? x
At 9:58am on April 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Sweeeet! <=)
meine twitter ist fur meine site,
but I Tweet mit meine Twits some too! <=)

Ja, most meine Freunde are going THrough test/exams/finals
(so glad Ich bin done mit all das)
At 5:48am on April 10, 2010, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Where ya been Hun?
(misses Du)

I just followed you in Twitter!
Follow me back (?)
At 5:34pm on March 27, 2010, Tokio Droid said…
I do its under JumbieGirl89 if you wish to follow me
At 10:01am on March 19, 2010, Michaela Kostopoulou said…
Thank you very very much!!! I don't think you are a little kid, don't worry... I'm used to talking to people of your age when it comes to Tokio Hotel or Cinema Bizarre. The vast majority of their fans are younger than me anyway, right?
At 11:17am on March 18, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
ja ja hahaha
At 4:00pm on March 16, 2010, Michaela Kostopoulou said…
You may ask, it's not a top secret! :-) I'm turning 26 on Thursday, OMG!!!
At 2:37pm on March 15, 2010, Michaela Kostopoulou said…
Hi! Please, don't mention it! You don't share the same birthday with the guy I was refering to on my post. His is on 1st of February. My birthday is on Thursday, 18th of March.
At 2:37am on March 14, 2010, jess said…
i went in my country (belgium) in brussels!
it was great! the lights and the effects, even the piano from tom ( with fire on it), and ofcourse the motor of Bill ;-) i enjoyed it from the beginning 'till the end. Really when the came out off the egg everyone went (kinda) crazy. And the play very good live and there are soooo many thing that was great even the stage (i stood on the side of georg and bill a bit). My favorite was humanoid (it was acoustic) and screamin' because there was a mix with monsoon= amazing. I think you will love it!! and ofcourse on the end gustave did his thing whit the wave. here is a link of the concert in brussels: ( and ofcourse gustav's moment: (
bill's motor haha: (
At 1:40pm on March 13, 2010, paolavicky87 said…
I'm glad :) Yes, I'm the pic :)
At 4:59pm on March 11, 2010, paolavicky87 said…
Hi !!! I'm fine, thanks :)
How are you???
At 9:16am on March 11, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
im very well . . . .

and how are you ?..
At 2:28am on March 10, 2010, jess said…
hello wel i'm fine, you i went to my first cocnert of tokio hotel=> it was amazing!
and how are you (school en stuff like that....)?!
At 6:24pm on March 9, 2010, SarahLynn said…
awww! lol thanks! :D
At 8:01pm on March 1, 2010, thays said…
At 1:34pm on February 9, 2010, xxkaulitz89 said…
if Fine ... But Not Realy Fun as i imagine :(
At 4:45pm on February 3, 2010, Michaela Kostopoulou said…
I am a fan of theirs a year now! I think they were really cool, I liked them and I enjoyed their music. It's sad they split up, they could have gone further... That's it, I'm not obsessed or something. I never was, for anyone. I'm also a Tokio Hotel fan the last 2 years.

P.S. Were you born on 2nd or 3rd of February? I'm from Greece and we have a different timezone, so it's kinda confusing... :-) Anyway, Happy (belated) Birthday!!!
At 12:11pm on January 29, 2010, SarahLynn said…
haha yeah i love the theater.. but i havent done any performances in a while.. the last one i did was last year for black history month where i played a rafikki dancer in the lion king performance >.> hahaha it was amazing! i loved it XD even if i'm not such a skilled dancer (has no clue how she got the part) it was fun being up there with everyone dancing and all that.. haha


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