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At 11:38pm on March 1, 2014, Akira said…

Hi Robin. How are things? I wasn't able to come to the Grizzly mix with UFO, sounds like I missed a good show. Hopefully my phone will act better next time. Hope to talk to you soon.

At 8:32pm on February 7, 2014, Akira said…

Hi Robin. Things are good, this week though has been an ordeal to do any reading for my classes. I guess mostly because for both we are about to jump into group projects and my internship that it's like "who has time to read?" sad I know. But I am working on a pitch to present to my class to see if any classmates would want to create a team for one of the projects. No pressure lol. I'm lying, girl I'm putting so much pressure on myself with this pitch it's not even funny haha. I might even ask one of my co-workers if he will look at it since my internship is a marketing/pr one and the main thing you have to do is pitch, pitch, pitch. Actually I might ask another co-worker too. I guess the more feedback I have the better right?

At 8:35pm on February 5, 2014, Akira said…

Hi Robin. How are you? Great to see that you're back in the chat during FM. I'm getting used to using the site on my phone cause I'm just getting out of class. Next week will be tough to get in because a classmate is holding a video editing tutoring session after class on Tuesday. So I will have CT up while taking his workshop but I'll make it work. What's new?

At 8:41pm on January 3, 2014, Akira said…

Hi Robin. Happy New Year. Hope 2014 will be a good year to you and will bring you back to CT very soon. Miss you so much in the chat. It's not the same without you. 

At 7:25pm on June 29, 2013, Anna Gjonaj said…
Yo if ur online ! Telllll me I have important stuff to te you and I'm not sure what I'm doing this summer
At 5:53pm on June 28, 2013, Anna Gjonaj said…
Robinnnnnn where r you I have spoken to you since December ! I miss u haven't seen u in soooooooooo long hope you chat with you soon
-love Anna !
At 6:30pm on June 21, 2013, Akira said…

Hope to see you in the chat soon.

Miss you :hug:

At 6:30pm on June 21, 2013, Akira said…
At 3:48pm on June 21, 2013, Akira said…

Hey girl,

How are things? We won the OMA Fan Army FTW for the 4th time in a row. Woot!!!

So happy we won. Did you seen the video? If not I'll get a link for you.

Any progress on being able to come back to chat?

At 8:16am on May 30, 2013, Akira said…

I really miss talking to you too. Happy that we can keep in touch too. 

Glad to hear your day is going fine. Oh I hope we can hear new TH soon. And not a TH soon. LOL

I really like the new FM mixtape. They are also working on a new album. The mixtape includes one song that will be on the new album.

Here's the link they put on their twitter to download it.

At 6:55am on May 30, 2013, Akira said…

I really hope you'll be able to come back to CT soon. 

So much has been going on. Have you been following what's going on with TH and FM?

TH has been all over twiiter and Facebook. DSDS is finally over.

FM just released a mixtape of remixes, it's called GRIZZLY. I think they said it's available to download for a few days. Can't really remember. 

How is your day going?

At 8:40pm on May 26, 2013, Akira said…

Oh ok,

How are things with your mom? Any chance of her going easy on the ban?

At 7:18pm on May 26, 2013, Akira said…

Thanks. I hope it all works out. 

How are things with you? What have you been up too?

At 10:29am on May 26, 2013, Akira said…


So great to hear back from you. I'm doing alright. I moved back to Miami. Can't remember if I mentioned that. Other than that I have been working in the school system again, but it's been better this time around. 

I also decided that I want to go back to school to get my master's. I looked at a lot of programs and decided that I will apply to some online programs. I think it will be flexible, considering I still want to move to LA, and it won't interfere with my moving to LA (which should happen this time next year...fingers crossed)

Hope to see you soon. :D

At 5:46pm on March 11, 2013, Anna Gjonaj said…
ROBINNNNNNNNNNN ......:p where have you beeeeennnnn !!!
At 1:47pm on February 7, 2013, Anna Gjonaj said…
Hey robin there was a giant storm in Georgia and haven't herd from u in a while and just wanted to know its ur alright ? Post back on my page when u get back on ok bye
At 4:53am on January 27, 2013, sachi said…

Thank you, and Robin thanks your gentleness!

At 12:21pm on December 31, 2012, Anna Gjonaj said…
At 1:25pm on December 21, 2012, Anna Gjonaj said…


At 11:33am on December 8, 2012, Seth Infinite said…

thank you very much for the friend request!  I always enjoy your comments.


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