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At 6:03pm on August 6, 2009, halucy said…
Apparently not that many people care about me because you were the only one. XD
At 11:18pm on August 5, 2009, halucy said…
So much for me keeping a low profile when Buzzworthy quotes me. I didn't think about that. :/
At 9:38pm on July 17, 2009, halucy said…
No worries. I wish I'd go on a cleaning rampage. This place is a pig sty.
At 11:33pm on July 5, 2009, halucy said…
Saw this picture today.

At 10:56pm on June 24, 2009, halucy said…
Ha! I never like to look presentable. I'm a sloppy t-shirt & jeans, flip-flop wearing hippie-type. :P I even got a job at an elementary school, so I never have to dress up. =D

That's too bad about TR not giving you the same high you got from them. Did you ever see them live? I don't remember. That can kinda kill the magic for you. Like, for me, after seeing TH live, nothing is as good as having them right in front of me performing. I used to watch youtube videos all night long, never getting enough of them. Now watching videos of them is so dull compared to the real thing, I hardly ever watch them anymore.

I'm sure you'll be out of your mind crazy for TH again when the new album comes out too. Unless they try something crazy that you hate. :P This is my fear, but I'm also sure that won't happen because I have faith in them. I go more towards one side one day, then have to talk myself to the other side again. heehee

I don't think the Chantelle thing is anything more than a publicity stunt. We've got lots of theories being thrown around at THA. I think that since the Flipsyde single was coming out in Germany, what better way to get your name in the papers than be "dating" the most notorious casanova in Germany. It's got people talking all over the world about her. Seems to be working. I'm not sure what's in it for him, other than getting to pretend to be making out with her in his car. Getting people's minds off the stalker situation? Someone even said that maybe the stalkers have been trying to blackmail him, saying they will release pictures of him out with girls, which could make the fandom go crazy and fall out of love with him. This would be taking that power away from them. Maybe Cherrytree thinks that Flipsyde is popular enough in the US that this will get TH mentioned in the media. I personally have never heard of them before, so I don't see that being the case, but you never know.

Anyway, I don't take it seriously at all. I just hope that his blogs aren't more of the same talking about whatever it is they want us to believe is going on between them. I hope it's just like the blogs he did last year for Alloy. Just a couple sentences about what they're doing that day, about the band, not about his personal life. But I guess that wouldn't go along with what they said it would be. He's going to give us fashion advice or something. lol "Buy your shirts 10 X's too big." I guess we'll find out what they are about when we find out.

Damn, I wrote a novel!
At 10:12am on June 22, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
oh .. Realy ?????

i have Bad English XD looooooool
At 5:45pm on June 21, 2009, halucy said…
Yay for school being over! I love rainy days. As long as I don't have to go anywhere because I hate driving in the rain. People around here have no clue how to drive in the rain, and it's scary.

How sad about it not being the same listening to the Rasmus for you. :( I haven't been listening to a lot of TH, so when I do listen to them, I get to fall in love with them all over again. Maybe it's just because they are special like that. I don't remember feeling that way about any other band. I hope you get that feeling back again. Maybe when they put out new music? I don't know enough about them to know when was the last time they released new material.
At 5:56am on June 15, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
oh Yes Ofcurse im From Saudi Arabia

And You ??

Sorry For Late )=

Can You Send Your Email (( MSN )) To My inbox

Be Cuse i Have Much Exams .... if i Finish i will Add You (=
At 1:30am on June 14, 2009, halucy said…
Summer all year long? :P I need my overcast chilly days. We don't really get winter here, but it does get cool at least.

New bands. Hmm. Nothing I can think of off the top of my head. I found a couple of Finnish bands that I listen to alot, but they aren't anywhere near like Negative-like.

There's always the guys in the videos I have here on my profile page: They are my new Disco Ensemble that I can't stop talking about.

Other than that, I'm mainly listening to the Kooks, Hot Hot Heat, Lost, Ken Stringfield, and of course Disco Ensemble. Nothing really new there.
At 11:13am on June 12, 2009, halucy said…
Oh, derrrr! *facepalm* I didn't see that.

I was actually asking if scared you away because I was in the chat last night & saw your name pop up. I typed "ASTRID!!!!!!!" but then you left the chat. I realized after that it probably just popped up when you signed on here, and then you clicked it off. :P I was all excited thinking you were going to be in the chat. =D

So now that I've seen that reply of yours (heehee): Oh man, you still have to worry about school. It must be so hot by the time you guys are out for the summer. I'd never be able to concentrate on my work. Not that I can when it's cold out either. :P

I was just listening to Negative again last night. It might have been seeing you pop in the chat that made me think to listen to them though.
At 10:55pm on June 11, 2009, halucy said…
Did I scare you away. :(
At 5:36pm on June 11, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
ahahhahahaaha XDDDD
At 12:28pm on June 11, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…

How Are you Sweet Heart (= ???

Add Please

At 11:46am on June 11, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
no ofc!! xD
At 8:51am on June 11, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
yeah you got a point here xD i understand what you mean.
my friend who likes bill and she's 22 says the same x)
At 8:02am on June 11, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
why? xD
At 7:46pm on June 10, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
I'm almost 19 x)
At 6:06pm on June 10, 2009, Luly K. said…
I'm very well :p
At 5:17pm on June 10, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
baha XD i love tom generally ^^
how old are you? :D
At 4:01pm on June 10, 2009, Tom's Ravisher said…
hahaha i love your icon XD "I CAME" XDDD


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