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At 9:19am on February 25, 2013, danielle robles said…

hey whats up do still come on hear  any more it seems like everyone is so bissy to even come on hear any more. even me i havent been on hear for like a mon th now. miss u !!!

At 2:43pm on May 23, 2012, danielle robles said…
Hey heidi how have things been?
At 8:40am on March 3, 2012, Seth Infinite said…


At 12:33pm on November 29, 2011, danielle robles said…

sorry to hear that sorry i am so late. i have been going through some problems.

At 11:58am on October 26, 2011, danielle robles said…
things suck around here too. i have been stressing a lot.
At 5:36pm on October 7, 2011, danielle robles said…
thx for the pic sorry its been a while since i have commented.i have a long list of things i have to do so have you been???? 
At 12:20pm on September 12, 2011, danielle robles said…
thats good do like skool????
At 3:09pm on August 30, 2011, danielle robles said…
i was in a hospital for a stupid reason.
At 2:39pm on August 19, 2011, danielle robles said…
realy good to hear from you.thing were okay but i dont know a lot of strange things are happening to me .
At 3:07am on March 20, 2011, Jane said…

hey you!!!


what do you want to say with your nicname????

At 8:23am on February 14, 2011, amal.kaulitz said…
beautiful <3
At 2:10am on September 27, 2010, Jane said…
Hey what´s up???
U hav a nice page!!!:)
At 1:39am on September 20, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Nice Maryland :) That's a beautiful pic. Sorry if my reply is soo late. Well, are u in school? I'm kinda committed to school these days. And I really hope that tokio hotel be nominated in the emas :)
At 11:34pm on June 14, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Hey, whattup?? U've been learning german XD That's pretty grool (great + cool) ....Hope to hear from u soon XD
At 10:32am on May 1, 2010, Melle said…
hey :D
I'm a crewmember from the International Tokio Hotel Channel :D
and ITHC is a Belgium fancrew :D
We needs 3000 members that support Tokio Hotel :D
So now I wanna ask you if you wanna send a mail with your full name, country, date of birth and email adress to [email protected], you can send everyting in a message too :D
it's very important for us so please help us x
If you wanna ask something, ask then and if you don't trust us you can find us on facebook

Let see that you are a fan of Tokio Hotel <3

Thank you x
At 7:08am on March 20, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Whoa, so ur a big fan of chatrooms XD That's pretty coooooool XD
And I just reread ur pledges to th, It made my day dear :P
keep doing stuff like that in the sure will inspire th fans XD
At 4:26am on March 9, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Hey soorry for the late reply dear...been pretty busy lately XD
Yeah, he's soo gorgeous in the milan runway show...XD
Yup, ive seen him in the stern mag...True...He's too sexy for the naked eye XD
So whatya been up to?
And any buzz from the th?
At 2:53am on February 16, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Just good luck on your love thing XD I hope that it wouldnt get complicated...and i think that's right, feelings really depend on attitude XD
BILL? did i read BILL???? what does the mag says about bill??? Please??? XD
At 2:57am on February 7, 2010, Aquitaine10 said…
Awesomeness...two guys are liking u XD
That's just soo great....that's the evidence that ur really beautiful and a cool person XD
eventhough idk what do u look like or what ur attitude is XD
Your hair is looooooong dear coz 2 guys are seeing them XD
Go gurl and tell me about it XD
maybe the senior in ur team really likes u coz he's doing stuff to make u see him
and the other senior is hitting on you too XD
This is really awesome coz it's already february (month of love) XD
Mine's a roller coaster coz different stuff keeps happening..about school, friends, family and a lot of drama ...i just hope that it would slow down a bit :P
Hear from ya soon XD
At 10:30am on February 5, 2010, danielle robles said…
thats cool but iam not so sporty. i am in to music. but i use to be on the backetball team. but i am to short now to play ha ha. so what do you do for fun?:)


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