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At 5:16pm on May 18, 2014, phantomrider said…

bomb haha get it

At 5:12pm on May 18, 2014, phantomrider said…

At 5:00pm on May 18, 2014, phantomrider said…

So you were never a saint
And I’ve loved in shades of wrong
We learn to live with the pain
Mosaic broken hearts
But this love is brave and wild

At 4:47pm on May 18, 2014, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

At 9:49pm on April 15, 2014, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

Hey Du ....
you keepin' up on TH?
ya have THeir new Instagrams?

At 6:58pm on October 28, 2013, phantomrider said…

At 6:16pm on April 3, 2013, phantomrider said…
At 11:13am on December 22, 2012, phantomrider said…

and its actually quite amazing there early biography they were quite precocious, it or they were/   was like the light of a star finally arriving on earth from like a million miles away they are a destiney

At 5:14pm on December 19, 2012, phantomrider said…

At 8:30pm on November 8, 2012, danielle robles said…
Hello there i think ur pic is wicked. Please as friend
At 7:51pm on October 6, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

At 11:49am on August 24, 2012, Shannon Hawkins said…

i babysit

At 9:38pm on August 20, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

Smexy Smexy, THat Mann ist
fur sure!

At 9:14pm on August 20, 2012, phantomrider said…

At 9:58pm on August 16, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

We're hoping THe new Album will be out b4 THe New Yr.
THen THe Promo tours will start.
Konzert dates & in what Countries will be set by success of THe Album.
When TH tour, it usually lasts aprox a yr or just under.
America is usually not 1st on THe list as THeir strongest market ist in Europe still.

We'll all hafta jus' wait und see

; )

Here ist my Tumblr URL, as requested ; )

At 1:06am on July 28, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

Not kidding.
Tom und Bill went in for tattoos today
THese are a couple of photos THey've shared wiTH us.
We don't know fur sure what THe tats are of yet,
just THat THey boTH got THe same image
but in diff places on THeir bodies und in diff colours from each oTHer's

At 1:17pm on July 25, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

Sorry I haven't been in in such a while.
bad Me

I've been working every spare minute on site repairs.
TH gonna be out und touring mit Their new Album B4 I get my site all in shape!
Und I'm sorta freaking out cause I have SO much to do! <8/ KK, what band? Who performing what? Are you referring to TH?

At 11:17am on July 20, 2012, Shannon Hawkins said…
yes you may listen to my music... that's why i posted it silly! and about that picture of bill on the phone next to the motorcycle, where did you get that? do you have the BTK app? cuz i dont. :'(
At 10:45pm on July 19, 2012, phantomrider said…

At 1:28pm on July 18, 2012, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…

'Black' ist THe English re-write of THe 2007 song 'Schwarz'
Which was not written by TH.

I'm THinking maybe your mind isn't 'ready'>
Not everyTHing ist a conspiracy Hun
; )

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