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At 4:55am on June 13, 2010, Bling said…
oh, qué tienes qué estudiar?
escribes exames?
Gracias, me gusta mi español tambien
pero no es perfecto
pero quién es perfecto? -> nobody.
Y como es el tiempo ?
Do you have a lot of sun at the moment?
hasta luego <3
At 2:22am on May 24, 2010, Bling said…
bien también .
?Que has hecho?
?Tienes informaciones nuevas?
hasta luego
At 2:38am on May 8, 2010, Bling said…
hola :)
?qué tal?
At 3:16am on February 2, 2010, Bling said…
hola :D
Estoy bien también <3
Fenomenal tu ano nuevo :) ( I'm happy that you're new Eve was great :) )
Me ano nuevo genial también :D
Graciás. Estudio espanol mucho.
?Haces las novedades?
!Adiós! <3
At 2:31am on January 29, 2010, Bling said…
?Qué tal?
?y qué tal tu ano nuevo?
?escuchas CB no es CB?
!Me es triste!
? Y tú ?
!Adiós! <3
At 6:03am on November 7, 2009, Bling said…
I wish you a lot of luck
and I think that you'll find something!
At 1:28am on November 1, 2009, Bling said…
no.. not really.. I study some things for my own.. like teaching myself how to play the gutiar and keyboard. but not with someone else.. know it's just for me.. and well.. my pasion is music.. <333
well.. I think choosing is always hard.. but you will choose right!
At 11:50am on October 27, 2009, Bling said…
hmm.. I think it's crazy to choose with that age..
what you wanna do later.. don't you think so?
At 11:20pm on October 20, 2009, Bling said…
why not?
I don't know yet if I want..
I will see..
At 12:45am on October 20, 2009, Bling said…
in the 9th and you?
yeah.. studying is hard..
and I have till 13th.. you? what is your last grade?
At 8:31am on October 16, 2009, Bling said…
after my holidays I can learn more spanish <3
and yeah I think to learn German is not easy..
what is going on?
At 12:47am on October 13, 2009, Bling said…
well.. I don't think that I got lost..
just got lost in school stuff =(

well.. my spanish isn't soo good !
mi espanol no es bien !
Aprendo espanol en el instituto.
I just have it for 3 weeks..
At 6:39am on October 12, 2009, Bling said…
muy bien y tú?
At 9:48am on September 9, 2009, Bling said…
Happy belated B.Day!
sorry I couldn't write before!
how are you?
how have you been?
At 12:57am on July 18, 2009, Bling said…
I am NOT there yet..
at the moment I am still in Germany..
but I am away from the 30th July and 15 days later I am back..
so.. what's going on by you?
At 8:49am on July 13, 2009, Bling said…
well.. at your b-day I am not at home =(
so I just can wish you h. b.d. when I am back from the Greek island..
well. so don't worry.. when I will say it later to you yeah?
please don't be angry..
but I don't think that there is i-net...
well.. I hope that you are ok^^
and it's cool^^
we are at the same age at the moment ^^
please take care^^
see you here <3333
At 6:19am on July 8, 2009, Bling said…
first I am very sorry for my late reply..
but I was sick and I am still =(
well.. I am happy that you have vacation..
but don't be sad about 2 months!
I was just 6 weeks =(
well.. I am 14 & you?
and when is your bithday?
have you now any idea?
well.. how have you been?
see you here :D
At 7:10pm on July 5, 2009, TOKIO HOTEL HOUSTON said…
Hi Laura,
Sorry I am just not replying to your last message. I love Bill the most but Tom is a close 2nd. =) I love all the boys, without one of them they wouldn't be Tokio Hotel. How have you been?
At 6:23am on June 28, 2009, Bling said…
well.. I am I don't feel that good..
how are you?
well.. my school is good at the moment :D
just one test missing,.. and that is easy..
well.. now I study for the next school year..
because our notes are made :D
so.. it's a cool time :D
with much fun ;D
what's new by you?
At 5:48am on June 21, 2009, Bling said…
I meant how you are. sorry...
and.. no it's not in Germany.. it is from a Greek island..
it was lovely there.. I was there in holidays...
hmm.. see you here :D


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