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At 4:31pm on October 1, 2009, ceecykaulitz said…
danke shön
for you commentary
!!! add?
At 11:17am on August 4, 2009, RetteMich said…
Funny pictures! :)
Tokio Hotel ♥

At 3:38am on July 16, 2009, Unbesiegbar_483 said…
I'm great, thank you ! Who's your favourite of the band? Mine is Bill, he's so cute !! x
At 8:58am on July 13, 2009, Unbesiegbar_483 said…
Hi, how are you ? Love Tokio Hotel ! x
At 6:51am on July 13, 2009, HierUndJetzt_ said…
I'm also fine
and I'm glad that you can start to learn German, cuz the language is so beautiful ! <3
At 4:16am on July 12, 2009, HierUndJetzt_ said…
how are you? :)
At 4:51pm on July 9, 2009, toOkiita said…
has andadoo?
vOOta poOr th
en mtvla
te me cUuiidas
At 11:40am on July 5, 2009, Solange Melissa said…
jeje muy lindo tom, pero yo amoa Bill, entonces serias mi cuñada jajaja, todo broma¡¡¡
At 8:36am on July 5, 2009, Natasha Nathan said…
haha..ooh i wrote a lot... i like it when i write a lot..haha...sorry if it took up your page =(

At 8:35am on July 5, 2009, Natasha Nathan said…
Hey!!...of course i understand you...dont worry gal.. =D

thanks for the comment...and thanks for wishing that they'll come here..cuz i hope that they will come to where i am too!! hehe...i hope when their new album is out they can do more tours than they did on their previous album...but maybe not too much...we don't want Bill's voice to hurt again right?? lol

OMG!! You should keep that ticket forever...its like sooo're soo lucky...!!! thats good! How much was it? was it expensive??

I heard their song one day on the radio here. It was Monsoon and they kept playing it over and over again. So naturally i fell in love with their song. But i thought they were an american band and they were like 20 or 30 yrs old...cuz he didn't sound like he had an accent when he sang and he sounded older. But when i googled the band...i practically dropped dead and fell off my chair when i saw their gorgeous faces....
i mean i already loved their music and the fact that they were hot just made them even more amazing!!! HAHAHA!!!! I love them!!!

Not many ppl in asia here know about them...but i think more ppl are getting to know them..which is a good thing!

Owh have you seen the new blog!!! and the new pics!! OMG im soo loving it! its getting better!! Who's your fav in the band..or do you like them all??

adios xoxo
At 6:30am on July 3, 2009, Natasha Nathan said…
Hii...I've known them now for about 10 months...its not long..haha..i wish i knew them longer..but the important thing is i KNOW them..and that's good! hehe

No sadly i haven't been to their in Asia and they hanen't been hoping that they can make an Asian tour...that'll be great!!

Have you been to any of their concerts?? And how did you find out bout them??

haha..yeah the chat thing is in the bar at the bottom of the page..maybe we can chat someday...

At 10:57am on July 1, 2009, Noora Hakola said…
OMG! okay i hope u can sleep so little like that yesterday! And i try find some internet cafe to hamburg that i will be go to internet :D BUT i buy german prepaid telephone subscriber connection and i try call u or send messages. :) or i go to internet and i give u my NEW 2 NUMBERS and u try send messages this number or me u numbers :) Alraight?
At 4:40am on July 1, 2009, Camilou said…
thanks for the request!
Have a nice day, and good night in your swimming pool ( yeah, sleep in water...)!

At 4:07am on July 1, 2009, bEcKy said…
Yes, I remember :)

Thank you for the request <3
At 3:35pm on June 30, 2009, Cookie said…
como estas??
a mi em gusta mucho th tambien y me gusta cinema bizarre tambien...
y tu'
At 9:57am on June 30, 2009, Natasha Nathan said…
Ugh..somehow i cant add you.. =(
At 9:30am on June 30, 2009, Natasha Nathan said… good...
How are you?..

Yay Thank you for your comments...your page is great too..i can see you are more into TOM!!! =D
im still new at cherrytree..but its seems fun..especially the chatroom..its a great way to meet new people who share our TH you and me..hehe ;)
Dont worry your english seems fine to me. I guess you speak spanish..i love spanish i learnt it for two years and it was awesome.!! But im not that good at it long have you been a fan???

At 5:16am on June 30, 2009, MeowArianaaa said…
Eh its okay.
Spain sounds better though.
I'm spanish and spoke it as a kid but i came as time came i forgot it as ive grown so now when i go back to school in September i'm re-learning it so you wouldnt have to use so much english (:
At 6:27pm on June 29, 2009, MeowArianaaa said…
Hey, and good i need friends on this this XD
i'm great and i'm from Pennsylvania :p
and your from Spain, correct?
and your not boring XD
Kissssssess - arii
At 4:42pm on June 29, 2009, toOkiita said…
hola danke poOr pazarte
al miioO
ps see abloO el españoOl
liinda tuU pagiina
buUenoO me voOe


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