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At 10:29pm on October 7, 2009, LUE JEY said…
Hey I'm a artist and producer from Chicago, I just wanted to let you know I just added all songs from my first album. Hope you like them! Let me know what you think! (I have music for everyone, some party songs, some sad songs, some love songs)


At 6:30pm on July 4, 2009, Tamara Kaulitz said…
Hello, I see you're a TOKIO HOTEL fan. I thought I'd offer you a place on the TOKIOH.COM mailing list. You'll be notified with all the latest TH news, photo updates, audio and more from the site right to your Inbox! :D SUBSCRIBE HERE (
At 3:39pm on July 2, 2009, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Oh but es has worked fur her!
Ja, sure... lots of mean TH fans
who THink THey have a right zu stake claim on Tom
but are really just wishing THey were THe ones gettin' THe neck nuzzlin in his car instead of her said nasty THings.
I've noticed many support her und give THe band Flipsyde a listen in attempts to support Tom.
So, ja. es worked.
es hasn't helped TH any.
Hasn't hurt THem eiTHer.
But fur es zu hilfe TH Flipsyde would have zu be well known in THe US
(or anywhere)
und THe just aren't yet.

IeTHer way,...
Tom ist a big boy...
a big, tall, handsome boy.
A Mann actually.
A tall, lean, ripped Smexy Mann...
A tall, beautuful eyed, cute nosed, bubble-gumball-lisious lipped -

oh, I'm sorry
got distracted THere fur a min.
(anyone else need some ice? Or ist das just me?)
At 7:48am on July 2, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
you was Sleep ??? ^____^ ???


it's Ok

aha .... nice
At 5:26pm on July 1, 2009, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
I hear ya.
My PC crashed just recently as well.
Lost all my passwords.
Silly us not safe guarding.
I've put all my pertinant info in an email
und sent es to all mein emails.

KK, THe Tom/Chantelle THing...
let me start by stating es ist nicht any of our biz really,
THose 1st shots were fur promo.
If THe 2 decided THey liked each oTHer enough
fur her zu geh all THe way zu Deutschland zu see him
THey Ich bin glad das THey are having fun.
IF she ist trying to use Tom's fame zu excell her own,
das ist nicht nett or gute but I don't THink Tom feels used.
Tom ist nicht dumm.
If a pretty girl he finds attractive spends time wiTH him,
ich bin sure das Er is smart enough zu know THe reasons.
Er ist ein gross Junge
(he's a big boy)
I'm not worried. Tom kann take care of himself.
He knows fake from sincere.

re: THe pic below my comment,
Grrr Baby!
JA, das ist ALL Real Tom!!!
At 9:29am on May 8, 2009, Dayana said…

they really aren't real, but this one is real
At 5:43pm on May 7, 2009, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
I support THe boys in pretty much everyTHing das comes around
I certainly try to.
So if some won't work, we can say we still tried.
Many countries are blocked from watching a lot of THe videos und such in THe internet. THats rough. <=(
At 4:31pm on May 7, 2009, Ellie said…
thanks! id rather be in germany! lol!!!! but yeahhh. the states arent that bad... i was actually born in russia though. and was adopted at 15 months old
At 9:06am on May 7, 2009, Deannaca Samalot said…
Lol I'm good, kinda mad cuz my crush is gone on a track meet but other then that I am good, u?
At 8:17am on May 7, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
im From Saudi Arebia

Gave me your Email Please ^^
At 1:26pm on May 5, 2009, Ellie said…
nope. im from NEW JERSEY! the greaat america... not that great tho
At 9:59am on May 5, 2009, Deannaca Samalot said…
Lolz ya but I suck at drawing, seriously the best I can do for people is stick figures lolz
At 8:54am on May 5, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
yes ... im Fatema

you Speak engleash ?
At 8:52am on May 5, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
؟i add you sweet ^^
At 8:45am on May 5, 2009, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
The Download day campaign,...
awe, sorry es ist nicht working fur du.
You're trying THough, so das ist ein hilfe <=)
I try, und es starts but my internet sux und cut out which stops everyTHing. Pain in THe but really.
At 10:34am on May 3, 2009, Dayana said…
hi! I think that they are real... ;]
At 7:51am on May 2, 2009, Ellie said…
every time bill gets asked what side of the bed he sleeps on. he says right.. so i will sleep on the left! lol
At 4:33am on May 2, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
Im 16 Years Old ^^

what is your Name ?
At 9:20pm on May 1, 2009, Deannaca Samalot said…
lolz i didnt draw it myself, i took a photo of my avatar from imvu.
At 9:05am on May 1, 2009, Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer said…
Sorry about das.
Ja, I was playing wiTH ya.
; )

Are you participating in any of THese FanActions?
Today ist die last day fur THe watching of Ich Bin Da.
THe views are way lower THen THey should be.
Ppl are clicking 'Replay', und das does not count in THe views <=(

Plz check THe top post on my site.
All details are there.
(just click on the "TokioHotel LoveAlways" banner THat ist at THe top of my page in here. THat will take you to my site)

Tell your friends about es to plz.
Would be great if we could at least come close to the goal
. <=)


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