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At 7:33pm on February 19, 2013, Genevieve Ladouceur said…

A long time ago… you never come here. This is so sad. What's new ? Life goes fast. I finished my studies… I am now a Graphic Designer… This is weird for me. I can't believe I am an adult… I'm 23 years old, like you, and I plan to get a house, a dog… this seems unreal. What I know is that even if I get them only in 5 years, 5 years will go fast. More I get old, more time goes fast and more I understand what you want to say when you tell us to live every second of our life. =S I think I have nothing else to say. I dream to meet you again and I wait for my prince, so… Come to see me ! ^.^ ahah

At 7:36pm on October 18, 2012, Eleana Rita Suarez said…


At 11:33am on May 15, 2012, Shannon Hawkins said…

umm u do realize that this probably isnt the REAL bill kaulitz right???? this is probably some poser... just sayin... :/

At 4:59am on March 5, 2012, beatriz maciel said…

you do not know how many times I asked myself to stop crying and had to walk around with a smile that was not my.also feel that way?

At 4:53am on March 5, 2012, beatriz maciel said…

hey Bill,this life is too short and increasingly i see u really sad,so please be happy and if u want my help or talk about problems i always will be here, with u.

At 11:31pm on November 22, 2011, Genevieve Ladouceur said…

Bill... HUG ! <3 You are too adorable and sweet to be real. I'm waiting for BTK app ! :O

At 7:12pm on September 26, 2011, Genevieve Ladouceur said…
Life is hard Bill. =( But you already know this. How people can tell me who I should love ? I'm sure even you, you would say to be I can't love you because I don't know you. This is just sad. Love doesn't need a reason, Love is there, that's it. We feel it or not. And I feel it for you. I don't even remember the messages I wrote here a long time ago. But I changed... not that much, but I get older I think. But I'm here writing again. <3
At 2:02am on September 1, 2011, LaKita said…

Happy B-Day Bill!!!

Have A Nice Day!!

Greetz Your Belgium Fanssupport!! :D

At 7:32am on June 14, 2011, Julie Roussel said…
 I hope to see you seen in Mtl!!
At 12:07pm on April 23, 2011, Genevieve Ladouceur said…
Hi Bill ! ^_^ The meeting in Trois-Rivières was really funny ! I met very sweet and interesting people. ^_^ I wish you a happy easter ! Full of chocolate ! O.O I love chocolate ! =D <3
At 10:44pm on April 18, 2011, Puddin said…
Bill, how do you handle all this attention?  Does it get to be too much sometimes? Let me know.  [email protected]
At 8:31pm on March 27, 2011, Genevieve Ladouceur said…

Bill... I miss you. >.<' Yeahhh... I know you don't know me, but I miss you because you do not appear in my dreams as often as I would like you to do. XD Please ! Come in my dreams ! é_è Because even if I think about you, it never looks as real as a dream. U.U


We'll have a big Tokio Hotel meeting in Quebec on april 16th. I'm very excited about this... I hope you will realize that we love you here and even if our number is lower than in Mexico, you would have a great moment with us. I want to sing with you again, I want to see your smile for real, your eyes shining. I miss this.


But what I want the most is... A hug ! O.O I this if you give me a hug, I will stick to you and never let you go. >.<'


You know... love is something that we can't control. Even if you say "You don't know me, you can't love me." I think it's false... I think I can love you only because of what I saw in your eyes. I think I know you better than I know all my friends. I listen to your songs and try to understand everything you say. Everything you think is important for me... I remember each of the opinion you give. You learned to me how to live Bill... You just created a new me... this is incredible. I want to thank you for everything... just to be yourself and live your dreams. You inspired me so much. i don't recognize myself. And it is a good thing. =) ... The only thing I miss, now, is my soulmate, and... I would be very happy if you were. =D <3<3<3 *HUG*

At 1:11pm on March 7, 2011, Ola ♡ said…
I love you Bill<3
At 3:23pm on February 9, 2011, frances curiel said…

Hey Bill how are you? Hope your doing good hope you come to Columbus Ohio one day I want to meet the band Ive been waiting for years but i dont see yet that you guys will come to ohio !!

Ilove you guys


At 8:37am on February 5, 2011, Stephanie Eggerstedt said…
no scare i'm not a fan , but i want write with u
At 3:14pm on January 25, 2011, ραuliiиhαα ;) said…
mein liebe       ♥
At 2:02pm on January 19, 2011, Genevieve Ladouceur said…

I want a hug. U.U

*I'm serious* >.<'


And... Thank you for the show in Mexico. ^_^ it wasn't like I was expecting, but not because of you... only because of the fans... I'm one of the girls who leaved the crowd on the front row because I wasn't breating. I must say that I am a bit traumatised... I know I want to see another show, but now I worry. I am afraid. Next time, I would like to realize a bit more that you are in front of me and this is not only a dream... or a nightmare. To have you in the same huge room as me, but being so far from you was maybe a nightmare... I really don't know. I can't descride how I felt during this show. I don't know if I am happy... I want more than this. This is never enought... I don't even realize you were there too... You were singng, and I was crying, and... I don't know... I know you gave everything. You were perfect. I just hate what happened to me and my friends. It was my first show as a fan... I imagined... some things I can't say, because I feel stupid, but I never imagined that something would make me leave the crowd ! Never ! I wanted to stay Bill... But I wasn't breating... I was afraid to die... And this is true... I would never leave the third row for a stupid reason. It was my dream... I live a big deception and all I would like now is to live another concert, like in my dreams and say : « Now I am the happiest girl in the world. » So... Hug me ? é_è ... Sorry, I needed to say it. And I love you. I don't know how I love you, but I know I love you. <3

At 5:49pm on December 8, 2010, Genevieve Ladouceur said…
Bill... Aww. <3
At 5:59am on December 7, 2010, Kasspouete said…
You were amazing Bill...I can't explain how I feel...but...I'm really proud of you..when you left the stage in Mexico City I was there, and I was "OMG this guy is my hero!"
The fans were crazy of course but the show was perfect...your smile...I was in front of you and your smile was so beautiful!
In your shadow <3 awwww I f****** love this song and I cried again haha!
Thanks for the concert and come to Canada soon!
Take care liebe! I love you xxx
At 12:09pm on November 26, 2010, ραuliiиhαα ;) said…
THX for the concert on Brazil... it was really amazing...more than that!!
I hope u enjoy Brazil and of course your Brazilian fans!! The concert was great -again -
And ... Please come back to Brazil to another concert... !!

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