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At 6:15am on November 9, 2009, Nina said…
hey! I forgot to leave u my msn
[email protected]
Hope talk with u soon ;-)
cyaa and good luck! with ur test ^^
At 3:47pm on November 5, 2009, Nina said…
it`s good to know a little bit more of u! XD
i will leave u my msn! so we can talk
I gotta go :s I have tons of homework (the school hates me) ^^
At 7:35pm on November 3, 2009, Nina said…
it`s good to have some news from you!
and it`s good to know that you are taking your pills!
you will see that you will heal faster ^^
yes I know... I sound just like a mother, but
it is necessary xD
and tell me,
what do you do on your quarentine?
do u watch some movies, cartoons, read, listen music? or just get bored? xD

if you like to read tell me
what do u like to read? xD or about your favorite movies
I like to read all the twilight saga, harry potter, ghost girl, and other books (I don`t know the name of the books in spanish) but I like read! a lot!
what else? hum yeah... the movies one of my favorite movies is v for vendetta and meet joe black xD, also (yes I have to admmit it,) the disney movies like peter pan, toy story and that ^^

hey I forgot to ask, how did you got sick?
how did you catch the vyrus?
At 5:37am on November 3, 2009, Nina said…
oh my goooosh!
dou have the swine flu? really?are ukidding me?!!!
are u ok?
damn it!
well its good don`tgo to the school
but u can`tgo out!:s
are u in homeorin the hospital? are u ok?
miss u on the chat!
and ur messages on cherrytree :(ç
well I`min class right now:s I gotta go
take ur medicines ok?
I love u!ciao
hope you get well soon!
At 4:05pm on September 20, 2009, Nina said…
hi hoe are u?!
Hope good! ;-)
I´m still in my exams period :s
At 12:05am on September 18, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
yep ^^
At 6:27pm on September 17, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
At 3:32am on September 17, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…

At 2:31pm on September 12, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…

you Must Be lool

At 5:34pm on September 10, 2009, Nina said…
hey! I´m on exams period :s right now I´m studying
sooo stressful!
anyway :D
have a nice day!
At 2:25pm on September 10, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
yes !!
im CRAZY Of them :P
At 2:22pm on September 10, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
omg !
i LoOoOoOoVe Them SOOOOOO Much !!!
At 8:06pm on September 9, 2009, Nina said…
hey how you doing¡?
At 1:49am on September 9, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
aha ... Ok ^^

Hwo The Boy you Love From tokio hotel ?
At 5:09pm on September 5, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
im fine Dear (=


Are you TH fan ?
At 11:12pm on September 4, 2009, xxkaulitz89 said…
hi !

How are you Sweet ?

i Accept you As Friend ^^

You Welcome Eney Time to My Page (=

Bye <3
At 10:47am on August 29, 2009, Erika said…
Ahahah i understand xD
At 9:48am on August 29, 2009, Miss Pinky said…
because mtv is stupid
At 3:59pm on August 28, 2009, Nina said…
hello :)
At 1:28pm on August 28, 2009, Erika said…
ahaha ^-^
but i'm not from Rome i'm from MILAN *-*
the fashion city <3


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