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At 3:57pm on April 16, 2010, Tyler *Beauty Killer* said…
omg! LOOOOOVE the jeffree star backround! howd you do it?!
At 4:49pm on April 14, 2010, Michaela said…
Greetings from California how are you??
Thank you for adding me!!
I LOVE Tokio Hotel they are my love and inspiration... :-)
At 6:13am on February 26, 2010, NastHiixD said…
Thx...soo are soo CUTE...<3<3<3...XD
At 12:18am on January 3, 2010, Rebecka GazettE said…
tomorow I must go to schoolT_T
At 7:19pm on December 21, 2009, HolLyW0od said…
i REALLY LOVE the band "Hollywood Undead" there awsome!!! my favorite song is "no.5"(thats really the name of the song not just the no. of the track on the album) but if u check them out check out there song "no.5" p.s. the characters names i will say in order from left to right top to bottom okay??? first its Deuce,funny man,da kurlzz,CHARLIE SCENE,Johnny 3 tears, and finally J Dog!!! =D

At 6:55pm on December 21, 2009, HolLyW0od said…
i LOVE the band "Bullet For My Valentine" talk bout awsme!!! if u check them out check out there song =D

At 10:00am on October 28, 2009, Bling said…
no problem ^^ (Kein Problem ^^)
well.. I think that I will first write you the main things.
(Also.. Ich denke, dass ich dir erstmal die wichtigsten Dinge/Sachen schreibe.)
Good morning. -> Guten Tag. Guten Morgen.
How are you? -> Wie geht es dir? (when you say it to a person under 18)
Wie geht es Ihnen? (to a person over 18 and you don't know
know the person.)
Goodbye -> Tschüss. Auf Wiedersehen.
I love you. -> Ich liebe dich. (In Germany you don't say I love you to a good friend.. just when you are in love with somebody...)

love lieben
like mögen
don't like nicht mögen
hate hassen (you don't use it normally! Even not when you say I hate school.. that would be Ich mag die Schule nicht gerne.)
I will tell you later how you use the thing with love like and hate.. because in German it's complecated..

well the answers for how are you..
(also die Antworten für wie geht es dir / Ihnen...)

very good sehr gut
good gut
not so good nicht so gut
It's alright. Es ist Inordung.
bad schlecht
terrible schrecklich
ok ok

well. I think that's enough for the first thing^^
so how are you?

by the way.. do you like Cinema Bizarre?

See you <333
At 8:37pm on October 15, 2009, Rebecka GazettE said…
love you pageXD

At 5:39pm on October 9, 2009, Baby Bangs ♥ TH :] said…
bill Pictures, Images and Photos
At 6:09am on October 4, 2009, RetteMich said…

At 4:16pm on August 2, 2009, red(black)bamRAWR said…
your hair is absolutly stunning
At 12:40pm on August 1, 2009, Puppetz said…
Hey hey how are you. Greetings from all puppetz bend members. check us out and leave some comment we would be appreciated. Have a nice day.


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