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I'm writing my music now .Planning to have an album. i need lots of encouragement to finish this . I hope it will be a cherry tree record! :))

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Comment by LadyShinningz on October 3, 2009 at 12:07am
thanks dude that helped :) u said u worked on a record.. what does that mean like did u have a album or sumthing?
Comment by Poly ☆ on October 2, 2009 at 7:54am
I have worked on a record for a few years not because it sucks, but because I have taken some advice (shout out to A) and I am trying to hone a craft. I personally want my version of "Thriller" or "Hysteria", basically recordings that where 80 - 90% of the songs are single worthy. Nowadays some bands cant even squeeze two singles out and my OCD won't allow anything short of 7 of 8 good songs on this one.

First impressions are everything so my advice to you is have an open mind and write good songs. In the end its about good songs, just because you wrote it and like it may not make it something everyone else will like. So basically learn to "kill your babies" as in if a song is not good scrap it and put together a record that has great songs. Please learn to take criticizm well too, it's meant to help. If anyone give you advice in the industry, take that and use it for they do it for a living and know.

My advice too is identity. Music has become bland and I love the fact that bands like Tokio Hotel and the Police can have rabid followings, though for different reasons, they end up at the same destination. I love bands who have a sound that people hear and are drawn too, it speaks to them. So find that music in yourself and pull it out without cloning anyone and either people will like it or they won't but it will be you.


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