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would u cry if bill kaulitz quit tokio hotel ?

Bill Kaulitz is at the end of his tether. His band mates, and team members have felt his dissatisfaction.

"I've already screamed so often with others, there are something that is not working properly, or something wrong," said the young of 20 years, according with "And there are days when I just want to pack my things - and be one years without knowing anything about the band.
Solution = love

Especially with his private life, Bill is very dissatisfied. In an interview with "Bravo", said, "With my career, I am totally happy. I wish that in private life as well too." I do not know what I need to be happy. "One idea that he might be missing the singer is: simple love.


man...,, Bill should not do it i will seriously fly to Hamburg or were ever he is and talk him back into it

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