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Show some support to Tokio Hotel!

It would be a great idea if all the fans would watch Universal’s video of Ich bin da on the 1st of May, as May day is a day off in many countries.

The goal is to show our support to Tom, the boys, their families and friends by dramatically increasing the numbers of views of this video. Ich Bin Da seems the more adequate video for obvious reasons.

There are many Ich Bin Da videos out there but it is important that we all click on the same one. The link goes to the Universal version (there is no tokiohotelchannel version, surprisingly). As there is currently less than 20 000 views, the increase should be noticeable.

It would be great if this idea could spread in every TH forums and websites to make the action more potent.

The video is not available in all countries. We are looking into solutions to solve this problem. The first ones (changing a part of the url or using google translate) don't seem to work.
Here's another one: go to this proxy and copy the url in the box. Then click "Hide My A**" and you're done. Hopefully it will work for most of you ;-)

Source: th_cult

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Comment by Elizabeth Connor on April 28, 2009 at 8:38pm
YESS~!! support Th=H during these hard times


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