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Wipe your eyes It will be all right

I now take a step
I hope in the right direction
I have grown so accustomed
To the Love I feel right know

But as all things come crashing down
I feel suffocated and drowned
Not lost but not found
My true potential Hidden from the world

My Song:

I falling through the cracks in the floor
holding to the light wishing for more
Living when I'm lost But all ready gone
Can't take the step to be by your side

I'm Frozen yet falling
Can't let go
I'm holding yet I'm still not braced
Make me feel
I'm trying to hide my self behind those crystal eyes
I'm trying to protect my self from the hateful words

Come rain down on me
wipe my tears for serenity
Hold my hand and keep me safe
I've fallen down and can't retrace

Take me to the sky
Hold on my arm, tight
Don't let me go
I've fallen for you

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Tags: Bill, Hotel, Kaulitz, Memories, Songs, Tokio, love


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