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Win a Pair of Tickets To See Ellie Goulding at Terminal 5 in NYC This Friday

Air Dates: Monday (August 1st), Tuesday (August 2nd), Wednesday (August 3rd), Saturday (August 6th) at Noon and 3pm Pacific exclusively on

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Comment by Mariyah Raza on July 27, 2011 at 4:41pm
I love Ellie. It would be so amazing for me to go to her as my first concert. I love everything she stands for. Her pureness, the passion and talent i hear in her voice. I have been a fan of hers from the start. Not that , that makes a difference. You can love someone equally as much even if you just started listening. She's a true Inspiration. I look at her a believe anything is possible. If Ellie did it so can I. I love her. She's amazing inside and out and Seeing her hearing her would be a dream and blessing. She's a beautiful person. What she sings is pure and her voice is angelic! I love you ELLIE! This love is my favorite song. Your a dream in a dream Ellie Goulding. I hope she becomes and earns everything she deserves.
Comment by Alana on July 27, 2011 at 4:35pm
I love that her music is both soulful and sweet.
Comment by Tony Chen on July 27, 2011 at 4:34pm
My not girlfriend at the time got me into you when i was trying to play my lame game on her by attempting to get her to meet up with me at a gym called tempest free running academy.  I showed her this video.   She was shocked when your song lights was playing in the background and i was instantly obsessed with the song after she told me about it.  The reason being...I knew there was something about this girl and every time i heard that song...i thought of her.  I soon became an instant fan of Ellie Goulding.  Then when we did become official...i wanted to get her tickets to the show in LA but I am not able to make it out the California next weekend so I will at least like to share my experience with her and compare and contrast the shows as she attends the show with out me next week. 
Comment by Jackson Sheng on July 27, 2011 at 4:33pm
First off, Ellie Goulding is absolutely GORGEOUS. She has style and talent and is absolutely charming. I remember first listening to Starry Eyed a while back and fell in love with the sound of her voice. I actually never saw her preform on screen or live until i watched the SNL episode where she was the guest star. When she sang Lights i was absolutely blown away. She was beautiful on stage and the little things like when she'd tap her leg to the beat or when she'd shimmy in place were just so adorable. Her ability to sing is jaw dropping and just plain amazing. Ellie Goulding has easily become one of my favorite artists if not my favorite. Believe Me and Lights are constantly on repeat on my iPod and have the listens compared to any other song i've ever listened to. If not for my economic standing, i would have purchased tickets to her concert the first day they came out. I would kill to be able to see her preform live.
Comment by Raheel m khan on July 27, 2011 at 4:32pm
I was always into Hip-Hop music but have a soft spot for vocal and alternative songs. I honestly never heard of Ellie until Tinie Tempa's album Disc-overy dropped here in the USA. Even then, I didn't really want to listen to his album because the only song of his popular in the US was Written in the Stars. Anyways, on itumes, his song Wonderman was the free track of the week. The chorus in the Tinie track is all Ellie Goulding and I really loved that part. I researched her and though she's not mainstream in the states she's huge in the UK. I listened to lights and fell on love. I then listened to her entire album and was memorized by the enticing electronic folk beats and her unique one of a kind voice. She introduced me to a whole other world of music. Shes like a female version and british too, of John Mayer. But I prefer Ellie over him. It was smart choice to collaborate with your countryman Tinie. I think you should get together with other artists in different genres to get your voice out to a larger audience. Not every rap music fan will follow you, but hey, I did and I'm sure many more would too only if they got a chance to hear your voice in music they are comfortable with. Bottomline, Ellie Goulding is not just a pretty face, but a talented singer as well. Can't wait for her to drop new music, though I will never be tired of her older ones.
Comment by dianeterraza on July 27, 2011 at 4:31pm

WHY DO I, Diane Terraza LOVE Ellie Goulding? Great question. I could write a whole essay on why I love her!
First of all lets start off by saying she is amazing. She is gorgeous, especially in person. Young women blessed with true talent. One of the cutest and shyest artist I have met. I would do anything to reunite with my lovely Ellie Goulding, which I am doing right now..

The night I met Ms. Ellie Goulding was on March 30th. I had waited for her for about 2 hours in the winter cold here in Chicago. I wasn’t going to give up, I knew she would have to walk out of Lincoln Hall one way or another and that the moment that my dream would come alive was about to happen. Moments later when I thought she was never going to come out.. she came out. There in front of me was Ellie Goulding her self, look gorgeous and a bit sick but she was still in front of me. I ran up to her and gave her a HUGE hug, I honestly did not want to let her go out of my arms, she is amazing! I didn’t care if she got me sick..Atleast Iwould say I got sick from Ellie Goulding herself. At the moment while I was hugging her, was just so indescribable. I felt like I was going to cry, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my idol! I eventually let her go and she thanked us for staying outside and waiting for her. She was shocked! I then showed her my leopard chain necklace and told her we’re twins, and that I wear it in remembrance of her amazing self. She then signed my CD, poster, and song list that her guitarist Chris Ketley himself gave me after the show was over that night! It was truly the best moment in my life. I then hugged her again and told her to get better for me  She smiled, and then she then moved on to sign other fans Cds, and chat with them. I then was left in shock about to walk away.. and you know what I did? I looked back and when she was walking back to her tour bus, I ran behind her and walked and TALKED with her. I carried her in one arm, and I couldn’t believe I was so close to her. I told her thank you for making this night one of the best nights ever, and if she could never forget me. And to visit me soon! Which she will be next Saturday ( but sadly I can’t visit her, I can’t afford $200 for a festival) which is why I am praying I win tickets to go see Ellie atleast in NYC I would drop everything in sight to go Ellie Goulding.. my leopard chain twin!!!!





Comment by Aishat Olaide Afuye on July 27, 2011 at 4:29pm

I love Ellie Goulding because I am in awe of the talent that she brings to the music industry. She has one of he best voices that I have heard in a long time. Unlike most pop artists today, Ellie sounds absolutely incredible live. Although I have never had the pleasure of seeing her live in concert, I have watched enough youtube video to know that her voice is not something that needs to re-engineered in a studio somewhere. I also love the fact that Ellie is a songwriter, again very rare. 

I LOVE Ellie Goulding because she is a genuine artist that never fails to captivate me...whenever I hear her music, I just have to stop and listen. Ms, Goulding is amazing and since I have never been to any sort of concert, I would love for her to be my first live experience! :)

Comment by George Rojas on July 27, 2011 at 4:29pm

Well, seeing that I'm Cuban it's kinda odd for me to be a fan of Ellie's. Somehow 'Guns n Horses' made its way into my playlist and I started to look for her music. After I was certain I had the whole Lights album (I had to go to every friend of mine and ask them if they had Ellie's songs because there's no internet in Cuba) I listened to it straight up for like two weeks, I couldn't let it go. I thought I was dammed to never see her live because of obvious boundaries, but that changed about 3 months ago when I managed to move into new york with some friends.

Now I'm just working my way up in life, trying to get into college to study Music Production, and I am in a position where I can't let one single spare dollar slip away. I am lucky enough to live in the haeart of the world but not enough to see my favorite musician perform live. It doesn't matter, really; if I can't get the tickets I'll just stand outside terminal 5 and dance alone to the music playing inside. I don't care.

Comment by Melanie D. Kennedy on July 27, 2011 at 4:28pm

Ellie goulding is the soundtrack to many parts of my life. The first time i bonded with my room mate we were listening to starry eyed. The first time I met my boyfriend we talked about dubstep and listened to some remixed Ellie goulding. Everything i remember about college ellie's music fits into it. Driving from florida to new hampshire ellie accompanied me. Her voice is so unique and her songs paint pictures in my mind. I live in Massachusetts but i couldnt go to the show tonight because i have to buy groceries, unfortunately i dont have a lot of money and things have been hard for me since i moved out of foster care. Ellie uplifts me and keeps me smiling. I'm amazed at her talent and lyrics and only wish her the best on her tour in the U.S.

Please pick me!

Comment by Stephanie Scopelliti on July 27, 2011 at 4:25pm
I heard about Ellie a few years ago when I was visiting my boyfriend in England and she was just hitting the scene there. About 3 years ago I studied abroad and fell in love with the country......and also a boy there. Throughout the past few years I have been traveling a few times a year to see my boyfriend. He originally introduced me to Ellie's music and I fell in love! Her voice is so magnificent and powerful. Every time I heard her voice it calms me and makes me think of the one place away from home that I fell in love with, England. I was so happy to hear that Ellie had gotten such recognition with the royal wedding and breaking into the USA with gigs like Saturday Night Live. Ellie makes me think of the true talent that is in England that isn't really heard over here in the states. She isn't fake or try to be something she's not, that is why I love her. Her music speaks to me and makes me think about the things I love most in my life; England, modesty and being true to who you are, not changing just to "make it" in music today. I love Ellie because she hasn't sold out, she has made it with pure magnificent talent. I am now engaged to be married to my British man and next year we will be dancing to our first song which is going to be Your Song- by Ellie. This song speaks to us and our love and is also tribute to his roots. Ellie has rocked the world and has deserved everything she has worked so hard for with her wonderful talent. Her voice has moved me and everyone that I have introduced her music to. I love Ellie and her music because she is real and no one can compete with her unique voice. I wish I could afford to go see her, but with a wedding to be planned across an ocean it is not that easy. So I will say, keep on rocking Ellie and don't change who you are for anyone! (That's what we all love about you!)


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