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Win a Pair of Tickets To See Ellie Goulding at Terminal 5 in NYC This Friday

Air Dates: Monday (August 1st), Tuesday (August 2nd), Wednesday (August 3rd), Saturday (August 6th) at Noon and 3pm Pacific exclusively on

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Comment by Cassie on July 27, 2011 at 9:20pm
I love Ellie because puttting it simple she is inspirational. Her story and her music has made me a stronger person and Thats all I can ask for. Thank you
Comment by Gabby Thornton on July 27, 2011 at 9:17pm

"We NEED to get these tickets TOMORROW!"

This was the daily parting my friend and I would exchange earlier this summer. Every night we would check the website, making sure the tickets were available, fantasizing about how we would camp out in front of the 9:30 Club in D.C., come rain or shine, so we could get close to the stage. Visions spun through our heads of the dancing lights, the energy of the crowd, and the centerpiece, Ellie, glowing radiantly. We would sing along to every song, and make t-shirts just for the event. Most important, we would see our favorite singer live.

When we found out we had waited just a little long, and the show was sold out, our hearts dropped into an icy disappointment. We felt, and still feel, terrible about making that mistake. What to do now? Wait for her next tour? Try to search the bowels of the internet for leftover tickets? After all this, when I found out about this contest...well, can you imagine my happiness and excitement? :D And by some chance the concert would be in NYC, a very feasible distance to where I live!

What drives me to Ellie's music so much? The light notes, the upbeat pulsing of her songs do something like sending an electric shiver through your veins. I can feel it ring through my bones and I just want to dance and jump (it's hard to resist that feeling!!). It makes my heart race, and suddenly the beat of the music drowns out the beat of life. I can forget any responsibilities or worries. This is particularly precious to me now because I'm going through a hectic time as a teenager. Applying for college, a job and juggling volunteering, I often find that I become worried quite easily. But Ellie's music offers a unique kind of escape from school, family issues, and heartache. As a huge music fan, I listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, but I have never ever heard anything quite like Ellie. Her music is my go-to, and she is hands-down my favorite artist.

Not only can she lift you up with her songs, but some of them really hit your heart. The lyrics fall together perfectly, very descriptive yet poetic enough to let your imagination wander to another place. Listening to her music, I almost feel like I have a friend who is old enough to understand a lot of life's difficulties, yet young enough to know what it feels like to just let go and be a little reckless and take a chance (like entering this contest~!). Ellie proves that you don't have to just do what was already done to do what you love. As an aspiring illustrator, this message of having your own unique creativity is so important to me!

Everything Ellie stands for, her spirit, style and beauty have inspired me to make it through sad, long nights, happy situations and everything in between. To be frank...I love you, Ellie!! ^_^ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a second chance at seeing Ellie live, and I would be honored if me and my friend could make this unforgettable trip! And especially thanks to Ellie herself for sending her music around the world and touching so many!

~ With love, Gabby Thornton, a 17-year-old fan

Comment by Caitlin Diehl on July 27, 2011 at 9:02pm
To write a long list of reasons why I love Ellie would be insane, because I think my list would consist of far too many. I love Ellie because of her voice, obviously, but I also love her because of the lyrics that she writes, and the emotion that she puts into everything she sings. I love Ellie because of the numerous amounts of demos that she has out there that not everyone realizes are there. One song in particular that has just recently been released onto the wonderful world of Youtube ended up changing my life completely. The lyrics in that song made me realize that even though I don't have a father that cares about being in my life, it doesn't mean I should be angry at him forever, because we're all still growing and learning as people. Before I heard that song, I spent years being sad and angry that he didn't care about staying, but after the very first time I heard her sing Father, it's like everything fell into place, and I finally found strength. Her lyrics helped me out of a depression I didn't think I would ever be able to find my way out of. Also, through her interviews where she talks about finding an appreciation and peacefulness in her home away from the city made me appreciate what I have even more. I love Ellie because she writes from her heart and sings from her soul. It is hard to find an artist who has a beautiful voice, lyrics that have the ability to move someone emotionally, even through an upbeat tempo, and can dance on stage like there is no tomorrow. Her willingness to open up about her life and certain events that have happened to her make Ellie's music even more powerful. I love Ellie because when I turn on my iPod, her music is usually the only thing I ever feel like listening to, and for me, that is rare.
Comment by lola on July 27, 2011 at 8:58pm
I was losing my lust for music. Then I heard "Lights" for the first time.  I was beyond happy at having recovered my want for music again.  Every time I hear one of Ellie's songs, electricity runs through me, it transports me to a different state of mind.  The sound of her voice and the music is so completely etherial.  All I have to say is thank you for making your music.  In me you will always have a fan.
Comment by Brian Song on July 27, 2011 at 8:42pm





Can't say I'm a fanatic that knows everything about her and knows every single lyrics to all her songs, but I can honestly tell you I love her music. Especially her soft voice =]. The moment I heard "Lights", I fell in love with her voice. I'm so glad I was able to use my music tagging app on my phone to find out who she was because none of my friends or waitresses at the restaurant in was playing at knew at the time. They do now, I make sure of it =]


I grew up with alternative rock and I still love it dearly, but I also just recently started listening to British pop artists including Jessie J and Adele. Each have their individual talents and are all great performers, but Ellie is the only artist I can listen to non stop. Literally. Out of the thousand different songs I have on my phone, Ellie's light's album is on constant repeat. I just recently listened to her whole album 3 times straight on a road trip and none of my friends who only listen to rap or rock seemed to object. I just cant get bored of her voice.


It's got to be all that running she does. Great lungs apparently = great vocal talents haha.


Btw, 2:00 into "every time you go", is the only time I ever got chills down my spine from listening to a vocalist. It's not exactly my favorite song from the album, but it is my favorite 5 seconds out of all her songs lol. I don't know... I just love her voice.


If you're wondering why I didn't just buy tickets to her show if I loved her music so much, I didn't because I was planning on seeing her at Lollapalooza with a couple friends. But it just recently fell through. 

Comment by Erik Michael Rummell on July 27, 2011 at 8:21pm
I love Ellie because of her unique voice and sound. Her lyrics are meaningful and intelligent and she isn't like every other pop artist out there. The fact that she runs, a hobby I enjoy too, just makes her that much more charming.
Comment by Sam Ruh on July 27, 2011 at 7:20pm
Comment by Abigail Rodriguez on July 27, 2011 at 6:34pm



I first heard of Ellie Goulding a little more than a year ago through YouTube. Her song "Wish I Stayed" was playing in the backround of a video I was watching and I just had to know who this artist was. So I searched her name and discovered a world of music/art I never could have imagned. She was like a secret treasure to me. I was so excited to find an artist who was just that, true to her craft who could write lyrics so poetic and paint a story so vivid and beautiful. Needless to say I favorited over a dozen videos that night and was hooked ever since. At the time I discovered Ellie I was going through so much personal hardships and heartache. She literally took me away from all of the stress and pain with her music that was so beautifully sung and descriptive. She made me feel as though I wasnt alone in my sorrow and that things get better in time. I feel as though even when I was at my lowest low her music picked me up in such a way she made me feel like life was worth it.


When I got wind that she was doing a tour in 2011 and was going to be at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia,PA I dropped everything and bought tickets  for myself and bestfriend along with reserving a hotel 2 months in advance. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong the day of the concert did. The bus to downtown where I would catch the bus to Philadelphia came extremely late, Almost didnt make the bus to Philadelphia because when I arrived it was pulling off and I had to beg the station for them to stop, I had a terrible migrane, It just honestly seemed like I would never make it to the show. But to my luck we made it about 10hrs before the show and waited in the venue so that maybe we would have the oppurtunity to hear her soundcheck and possibly even meet her.


I got that oppurtunity along w about 5 other people. I thank God everyday for that blessing. She was as beautiful inside and like I pictured her to be. Very sweet , shy, and gentle personality. Later when the show began my bestfriend and I got barrade right in front of her mic! I never felt so blessed and when she sang "Wish I Stayed" all I could do was cry imagining all that I went through just to be there and hear her voice. It def was worth all of the trouble. She even noticed me singing so loud she looked me in the eye and remained silent while smiling letting me sing my fave verse in the song "I dont own my clothes but I own my mind, and its not what you've lost but its what you find".


We bought a CD and got it signed along w getting a picture w her. I bought a card for her previously and signed it and when I presented it to her she smiled so gracefully and said to me "I noticed you singing in the crowd" I almost fainted. She was so sweet and overall just a genuine person.


This would be the oppurtunity of a lifetime to be able to see and possibly meet her again. It would def make me the happiest girl in the world.

Comment by Natalie Kratfel on July 27, 2011 at 6:18pm

Ellie Goulding knows how to make music sound awesome! She is down to earth, but also modernly hip!  Her style is shown through her lyrics, as they are very inspiring. They each have a message about life. They always make me smile because they are always so lively!  Her songs always make me to go out and do things or just dance around my room! Musical talent, like Ellie's is very hard to come by. She's not like other artists in that she flows to her own beat. However, she also mixes a cool, almost electronic vibe in her songs especially in her newer songs such "Lights" or "Stary Eyed." She's extremely talented! Even her music videos are great! They are very bright and colorful! Ellie is bringing good music back again. The great thing about her music is that that everyone can listen to it! Hopefully, other artists will follow her vision! You Rock Ellie! Thanks for all the great tunes! Sincerely, a fan who really wants to see an awesome talent! :D

Comment by Emily Krum on July 27, 2011 at 6:17pm
Regardless of the chance to win tickets to terminal 5 or not, if Ellie could read any one of these comments i'm sure she would be super honored to know how much of an impact she has on everyone’s life.


First off, I heard Ellie’s ‘the End’ last year, and automatically was hooked. A girl I was seeing told me, that ‘the End’ explained her feelings she had for me. Listening to the rest of Ellie's music, made me realize so much about myself. My ex girlfriend… that’s all I heard when I played Ellie’s voice on my iTunes. Ellie has been so much of a push in my life. A push to get over a lost love, the push for me to better my body and start running, the push to get more in touch with my passions.


I saw Ellie live for the first time last night at the Electric Factory, in Philly. That ex girlfriend and I were the first in line, waiting six hours. There wasn’t anybody in sight, but we weren’t losing our spot. Standing there, in front of Ellie singing, while standing next to the girl who Ellie’s lyrics used to completely narrate the story of blew me away. In that moment, I was just…what are the words, inspired, amazed, and quite frankly, in a state of ecstasy. My heart was plastered all over the walls, the words that she was singing was the blood flowing through my body and the tune was the frequency of my heartbeat. She is just a beautiful human being. Her vibe is so cute, yet strong. And she has this attitude that is to die for.


This might be a mess of a story, but I can tell you one thing. Why I love Elena Goulding, is because she pushes me.

She pushes me to be everything I can, and everything I want to be.


I take myself back to the moments of last night, too frequently, and I would be honored to experience Ellie in person, again.


Even if I do not receive these tickets, Id still want Ellie to know that she’s changed my life. Thank you.


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