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Willy Moon Milk Made Feature and Interview

Not even an hour after the interview is completed, we catch Willy where he seems to shine the most. On stage. Backed up by two rocker chicks on the guitar and drums, each with their own unique style - any evidence of him being exhausted or worn out are nowhere to be found. He takes full advantage of any free space he has, his limbs flailing anywhere and everywhere allowed by their free range of motion. There are a couple times where he turns around with his arms out while he has the mic completely inside his mouth. He takes time to dance with his guitarist, pulls a few Elvis-esque moves rocking on his toes, and then at one point, allows himself to collapse onto his back on the floor after he’s done with a song. He lies there for a moment.

And even though he’s not moving, you can’t help but watch him.

Everything he does is pulled off with a touch of class that can only be expected from someone who doesn’t mind sounding and looking like he’s just stepped out of another era. Someone who operates his life wearing tailored suits.

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