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Willy Moon - A&R Music Bar - Columbus OH. 02-26-13

What can I say....Willy Moon is awesome.  The guy clearly understands a few things necessary to be awesome.  I thought he would be behind the 8-ball trying to make a genre of music from the past exciting but he has done it.  He has power and he understands feel and how to conjure up that feel in listeners.  His work is bombastic at times and weird at others but all has the feel of Black Sabbath hitting an Em's rips though your body and makes you excited to be there.

The single greatest thing about him to me was the one thing I didn't think he would pull off.  Pop music is full of these factions of writers making everyone sound the same.  In Willy's case he took a different direction but in the end I felt he might just be rehashing something from the past and thus nothing new.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  His sound is truly his and he uses a classic sound as a template but he is creating songs those legends he loves never would have, nor anyone else seems to be doing in music right now.

Yeah yeah yeah he is good looking but from my point of view I couldn't care less.  However his artistry and uniqueness has my full attention and that I care about.  This guy is a gem and if he doesn't become a huge star, then I will blame consumers for not recognizing a true talent and continuing to put over the same rehashed sound passed from artist to artist.

Set List:


She Loves Me

Working for the Company


Railroad Track

I Put a Spell on You

I Wanna Be your Man

Yeah Yeah

My Girl

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