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William's Daily La Blog 9 - 13th June 2010

I'm ruined. Absolutely ruined.

Festival season has well and truly started. We got back from the Isle of Wight this morning and to say I am tired is an understatement, that and the jet-lag from the US tour. We stayed up until the early hours eating Kit Kats and Frazzles (which are these Bacon Flavoured crisps...other worldly).

I was just explaining to a friend how the summer is the best time to be in a band. You hang out with all your friends in other bands, play big shows at the weekend, but also have the week days off to enjoy the summer at home. Today marks the start of that with a glorious 4 days off before a cheeky trip to Germany at the weekend for 2 festivals. I'm not going to get too personal with the blogs as regards to my home life, but I'll upload pictures from out and about as things happen.

For example, this little guy that I was given today

Already half eaten!

And this kid collecting cups yesterday..(Every 10 cups you collect and take to the bar, you earn £1.)

Now, to sleep for the next 4 days, and do some catching up with my cat. My cat and I have a relationship similar to that of a neglecting dad and his child. The kind that's never around, but pops in once and a while bringing back presents, resulting in him being the "cool" one. The poor poor single mum (my flatmate!)


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