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William's Daily La Blog 7 - 11th June 2010

It really is so nice to be back in London. I do complain about it all the time but being back in familiar surroundings in your own house is the one.

Today, we met up at our usual rehearsal space to get everything ready for festival season, which I am so pleased to say starts TOMORROW! We head down to the Isle of White festival in, surprisingly, The Isle of White. Some great bands playing, particularly 'Maplas' who I am very excited to catch live again on the acoustic stage.

We went through all of the songs today with our new monitor engineer Richard, although you don't pronounce it like that, he's irish, so its said 'rishtaard'. Tappada marnin' too ya.

Roxy music were in the rehearsal room next to us. Now many moons ago when I was young, me and my mum saw Bryan Ferry on, believe it or not, on a ferry. We were stood at the dock waving at everyone on the boat. Everyone waved back apart from stupid Bryan Ferry. Well have I got news for you Bryan, I nicked your custard creams..what you gonna do?

I'm sat in my flat watching an awful soap opera with my flatmate and my girlfriend purely because I can..this is mint.

Below is a picture of us all in rehearsals. See you in festival season!!


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