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William's Daily La Blog 40 - 16th July 2010

Day off! We had a day off in sunny LA and the weather was just fantastic (obviously).

I met up with Mikey, Dave (our soundguy) and Stoney (our tech) for breakfast in a cafe down the road, and sat with them in the sunshine talking about the show and other tours. We decided to take it to the pool, and went back to the hotel.

Now I took a risk. Every time I even think about the sun, I burn. Not like a little bit pink, but lobster red. Last month we were in Kansas and I sat by the pool and came out in an amazing brown colour that made me look like something off Jersey Shore, so I thought I would try again. I lathered myself in suncream to the extent where I couldn't completely rub it in! Few hours later, I go back to my room to shower, and look in the mirror... I could have been the red man on the pedestrian lights. I was SO burnt, I cannot even describe. The worst for me is that I have burnt my elbows!? WHAT!? It stings so bad leaning on them!

I hung out for a bit and continued working on the song I started on the plane, until about 9, where I went into town to go meet my friend Marina who is out here at the moment working on her next album. It was really good to catch up, and we went to a number of divey bars along Sunset Blvd, and chatted about touring and music and boys and girls. A good evening.


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