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William's Daily La Blog 38 - 14th July 2010

After kicking jet lag in the a** (9 hour sleep!) I got up and had a wonder around the area we were staying in, in San Diego. I just wanted some breakfast, as I'd not really eaten the day before. "Right, burger restaurant....yep, there's another one....right there's a mexican...oh, a diner, more burgers, yep..." - oh yes, I forgot that we are back in America and all you can eat is BURGERS AND MEXICAN FOOD!! WHAT IS ALL THAT ABOUT?! I found what looked like a nice little french cafe just around the corner from the hotel and took a seat. "Steak and dipping sauce, yeah that sounds alright, some little strips of steak to dip, with a salad maybe?" BOOOOOM! The biggest baguette steak and chip sandwich/city lands in front of me! Why is everything over sized here!? was good..

I chilled in my room for a bit and then walked down to the venue with Mikey. Soundcheck (obviously the most exciting part of the day) happened and then off for dinner.

One of my favourite bits of touring is the food. You get to visit some incredible restaurants, in some incredible cities, and you are given money by the promoter to go do so! Win win!!

The show went off in San Diego. The crowd were just fantastic. American crowds really are the best in the world, and they will dance around and completely have it if they want to, which luckily for us, they do! I played a howler. My drums went nuts, and my riser was wonky meaning I couldn't move around at all. It was a great show, but my personal performance was terrible.

I chatted to some super sweet fans outside before we all jumped in the car to LA for the next show!!


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