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William's Daily La Blog 37 - 13th July 2010

21 hours of travelling is never fun. I left my flat at 11am UK time and got a cab to Heathrow, London, then flew from London to Los Angeles, then drove from Los Angeles to San Diego and got in at midnight West Coast time. I could have ended my life there and then, I was SO SO tired! But instead, like any normal human being, I went to bed.

Strangely enough, the plane is the only place I ever seem to be able to write music. I can look at this blank computer screen for hours at home with no ideas, but the second I get on the plane, and have to get stuff done before my battery dies, I write more then Lloyd Webber! So I really don't mind the long flights. "Date Movie" helped me get through the flight too. With Steve Carrel and that bird from 30 Rock. Proper mint film!


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