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William's Daily La Blog 33 - 8th July 2010

Well that was awful. Absolutely awful. EVERYTHING that could have gone wrong went wrong. It leaves you with such a horrible taste in your mouth when a show like that happens. Especially when it happens on 3 hours sleep. Not fun at ALL. This isn't to say the crowd weren't good, they absolutely nailed it, and considering we have had to cancel a couple shows in Lisbon, they showed us an amazing time.

After another night of 3 hours sleep, (i don't like getting anything less then 10!) We left the hotel at 6am for sunny England. And I ACTUALLY mean sunny when I say this! We landed at Heathrow, London on the hottest day of the year. Lots of friends text me asking me to go out and enjoy the sunshine with them...sadly, we had a connecting flight to the rainiest, coldest country in the world...T in The Park.

Luckily, my girlfriend was DJ'ing the same day so it was super nice to see her. Everyone went off and did there own thing today. I personally didn't sit down, I was trying to fix the drums from the night before with my friend Stoney!! I caught 3oh3's set which was good fun! LUCKILY our set went really well. Elly has an on going throat problem which sadly has been playing up lately, but she absolutely nailed it. We came off and spirits were high.

After demolishing 8 profiteroles (yes, 8) the two nights of 3 hours sleep caught up on me and I went off to bed!


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