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William's Daily La Blog 32 - 6th and 7th July 2010

I've decided to put both these days into 1 blog post because..well..I really didn't get up to anything THAT interesting.

I mean, yeah, I had a great time, but nothing that anyone else would really find that fun...bathroom cleaning, clothes washing etc. Its the kind of preparation that just HAS to be done before you go away for a long period of time.

These blogs will be more exciting from NOW! We are busy from now you see!

I'm currently on a plane to Portugal for Optimus Festival. The music they are playing before take off is hilarious! As is the pilots could easily be Borat flying this plane, no joke.

We're doing 3 fests this weekend. Portugal today, Scotland tomorrow and Ireland on Saturday. Our crew are panicing as we're using rented stuff tonight. I bloody hope it all works.

Anyway, take off time!! I'll write after the show and let you know how it went. (As if you care!!)


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