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William's Daily La Blog 29 - 3rd July 2010

So todays festival looked like a village fate as we rolled in on the bus. We all looked out of the window of the back lounge and "awww"ed at it. It's funny how after a year of touring we found ourselves awwing at a festival that must have held 15,000 people per stage!!

The setting was beautiful. A big old stereotypical french house held all of the dressing rooms in. Each of which would have made a dream flat. The food was stereotypical french food - cheeses, wines, (and nothing for vegetarian Mickey) and the security were stereotypical french people. Take from that what you will.

We all went off in our different ways for the day. I caught Friendly Fires and Editors, both of which I hadn't seen for a very long time. FF have been working on a new record and their new songs had us all dancing side stage - some fantastic melodies.

Our stage time was 1.30am which is always a hard one as you start to get tired when it is time to go on. Its funny what night time does to a festival. With the cute little village fate in mind, I walked on stage with a cup of tea, half asleep, not realising there were 15,000 screaming french men there! It turned out to be the most vibey festival! The crowd were nuts, and if I may say so, we played very well. It's nice to see Elly growing into this massive pop star.

We got on the bus and set off for sunny London for our last few days at home.


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