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William's Daily La Blog 25 - 29 June 2010

I'm in another club?! HOW did this happen?! For a guy that doesn't drink, I go out a lot. There's only so much tap water one can drink..I reckon I have saved about £10,000 on drinking water in night clubs as opposed to booze.

Tonight, its White Heat, at Madame Jo Jos. My flat mate and I are on match making duty. I thought it was going well, but as I write this, a friend of mine (who I paired up with my best friend) has come back and after them flirting all night saying he's "not her type", we paired another friend up with a swedish girl, and he's now sat on his own. We thought we were doing so well!

I had my hair cut today. Exciting? No. Its so short at the back and sides..I actually shaved a bit when having a shave, purely because I could. That's possibly the most boring paragraph I have EVER written.

We're off for festivals tomorrow. As bad as it sounds, I don't know what countries we're going to? My friend text me yesterday asking me if I was with La Roux at a festival in France on Friday, so I'm guessing we're in France? I guess not knowing puts a bit of excitement into a week where bic'ing a bit of my head excites me.

Oh dear.


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