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William's Daily La Blog - 22nd July, 2010

YES! Today was a nice surprise. I have another band called Brontide, it's instrumental, quite heavy, and it is with my two best friends. The US tour meant I couldn't do a lot of the shows that we had coming up, but as we had this week home, I could get 2 shows in! Tonight's show was up in Manchester, in the North of England. It was an all day show with loads of bands playing, most of which I have played with before, so it was real swell to see some old friends that I haven't seen in a long time. Holy State were the best band of the show, a real good fugazi-esque punk band. We took to the stage at about 9.30. Now, this band really challenges me, and I have only played electronic drums for the last 2 months...needless to say, by the end of the show, I did think I was going to die after! Being asthmatic isn't so good in a punk band..

A domino's pizza and back to my friend Joe's house, and the day was over. It was SO GOOD to play some loud punk again..yum yum yum.


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