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William's Daily La Blog 22 - 26th June 2010

I got back from Glastonbury VERY late last night and barely slept from adrenaline (that, a drunken loud flatmate and a cat who scratches my door all night)

Today has all been about Hard Rock Calling, a festival in Hyde Park. For once, it wasn't for work, well, for me, my girlfriend was DJ'ing the tent for her work, but it meant we got wristbands for the weekend! I'm all about the headliners. Jamiroqui AND Stevie Wonder!
"Deeper Underground" was one of the first singles I bought, on cassette, with my own pocket money, and it is the first time I have ever seen him good as I imagined!!

Its all about Stevie now, he's on very soon. Now I heard him being blind was a publicity stunt by his label?! Not completely, he's PARTIALLY blind but they played it up?! I kind of hope this is true..if only just so the poor guy can see a bit.

There's one for you, for the success and money of Stevie Wonder, would you lose your eyesight?


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