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William's Daily La Blog 21 - 25th June 2010

So we played Glastonbury. On the second biggest stage. Just after Phoenix. WHAT?!?!

It was as great as I had always imagined it to be, and at my favourite time of day at a festival, as the evening is drawing in, but the sun is out enough to still wear your shades on stage!!

We had a set of gold palm trees,our usual set, and a few more people to help us out, including 4 amazing dancers, 3 steel pan players, 2 turtle doves and Glen Gregory from Heaven 17. He came on and sang "Temptation" - the H17 hit. I can't even describe the response. We've played in front of a lot more, but still to playing to 15,000 singing fans is quite something. Especially in daylight where you can see all the way to the back, as you can usually only see the front few rows when its dark.

Yesterday was more about hanging with friends for me. Glastonbury is such a big festival, that practically every band I have ever met were there!

Apart from playing, my highlight was watching Bombay Bicycle Club. One of the finest UK bands for sure. Watching Phoenix from side stage was pretty good too. Oh and them watching US from the side stage. Oh, and MEETING PHOENIX!! Okay, Phoenix were the highlight!

Except for my girlfriend hitting on the guitarist! She'll hate me for writing that..

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