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William's Daily La Blog - 20th July, 2010

This was it...we had talked about meeting Whoopi for the whole tour and now it was going to happen! I guess that playing on one of USA's biggest TV shows should have been the thing on our mind the most, but I'm sorry to say, it was Whoopi! We got down early and Mike demolished the bagel and pastry tray. There really isn't much to do back stage at these things but eat and wait..

We realised that "The View", was pretty much a program called "Loose Women" that we have in England, except for more bitchy...this was fine with me as secretly, I quite like Loose Women..

We were taken down to another little green room next to the stage and we waited while the women interviewed the bird from Sybil, and one of the guys from Mad Men, and for some strange reason, I got nervous! We rarely get nervous anymore but I really was this time. That all changed as we walked on to set and started.

The easy bit done, now to get our photo's! Unexpectedly, Whoopi just wandered into our dressing room and started chatting to us! She was such a sweet lady and one by one, we all got pictures with her, and had a group photo at the end...look..

What a nice lady.

Off we scooted back to the hotel, before checking out and leaving for the airport. With Elly being so poorly, we were going to spend the rest of the week in England on hiatus, and wait to see what the doctor had to say about her condition.

We'll either be back in a few days or not!


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