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William's Daily La Blog 15 - 19th June 2010

So I'm stood side stage at Hurricane Festival in Germany watching a band who all have animal masks on, all wearing different coloured tuxedo s. Sounds weird already right? That not to mention the male and female clowns doing interprative dance next to them...oh, and the mime artists...Germans.

Someone decided it would be a great idea to put us on at 1am today...1am! Come on, what are you supposed to do at a cold, rainy festival from 7pm till 1am?! I'm more sensitive now then I was when I was a festival camping 16 year old. I could stay out all night in just a T-shirt then, but it's 10pm now and I'm moaning as I've only got a jacket and a jumper on. Oh dear.

Its nice to be back at festivals, seeing friends, partying hard...okay you got me, the last ones a complete lie, the rest of the band are asleep on the bus!

Hopefully the show will go well, I'll check back tomorrow.


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