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William's Daily La Blog 11 - 15th June 2010

As a nice surprise today, I was invited to go see my friend Steph and his band Gallows support Cypress Hill! Frank the frontman realised that the response wasn't as good as one would have hoped, and held it together so well..."Who invited the Stoners? F**k off home". Well said.

I am writing this in the changeover between the two bands. The change over used to excite me so much, and now I know that people will just be getting ready and that the mysterious backstage, isn't really that glamorous, especially when you have played Stoke Sugarmill. Jesus Wept.

So I'm hoping Cypress Hill are as good as I hope. "Insane in the Membrane" was a TUNE!

Oh, and do you have The Hummingbird Bakery" in USA?! You need it in your life..


...Yep, they're absolutely class!

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