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Why I Laughed at the Announcement :)

HEY EVERYBODY!!! So, here's an ah-mah-zing story for you guys. So, I was watching the Tom Kaulitz announcement about his blog being aired and so I watching, the hot man was talking, and then I look at the background and I see a dog, so I'm like "oh, doggy! It's so cute." But then it looks like it was dead so I'm like "...ok?..." then Tom moves over and then i see the dog's legs stretch out on the side of Tom and I'm like "OMG what's that?" then he moved and I saw the dog and then I'm like "OMG he's alive.yay!" That dog is frickin' pimpin. It looks like a freaking dalmation mixed with a black lab and I saw it and I'm thinking 'that is probably the coolest damn dog I have ever seen in my life, it's like a labmation or a dalbrador, kinda like a zorse or a liger :)' then i watched it all over again to check out Tom and his rockin' yellow outfit, sideways hat, long black cornrows, and sexy a** smile. :) THE END. I know you loved it and are probably clapping now. I feel your love. :) More interesting stories to come!
Love always and forever,

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Comment by Nelja on July 2, 2009 at 9:28pm
Yeah, the dog was cuuuute!!!!!


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