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Hallo :)

OKay so its been a while since i blogged,, but i got some time and a joke in mind so here we go xD

Last night I was on haunting echoes for a bit talking to my best guy friend / older brother type guy Logan.

Someone gave me a hard time to a point I lashed out at the guy and left the chat server vowing to never return again.

The thing is, its all a roll play but the guy thought I meant it and so did my friends.

A few minutes later I appeared online again, but under another name Aria.

My avatar was different and all, I walked in to a hang out known as the Tavern.

Only VIPs can get into it luckily I know the password and acted like I was new.

I then heard Logan and Megan talking my older brother and his girlfriend.

They were saying about how "eterna" my old name was gone and they were going to seak revenge on the guy who was horrible to me.

I told them I was a friend of angel's here to kick the guys a** for hurting Eterna.

How i was going to get him and make him cry. Basically playing it off as a different person.

Logan looks at me.

Hallo E , I know its you. No messanger of Angel's swears and you swear allot and your writing is the same no matter how many trys you do to make it different.

I began to have a giggle fit as I didnt know he was that smart xD

Needless to say.. " Logan is my hero" xD

On to other stuffs.. hmm ,,

Easter is tomorrow =)

May the bunnys give you tons of chocolate and your gifts be good xD

If you don't celebrate easter,, hell theres allot of chocolate everywhere enjoy it.

Yumm, mom is making caserole and cheese cake.

I gots to jet.

Ciao Cherrys <3

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