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Lets see.
My name is Blake Kingdoms.
i was born August 19 1994 in a town in Oregon called Eugene. Im known to have tri colored hair. Right now ist purpl and platinum! I have my lipped pierced and hope to get spiderbites! i wanna get a eyebrow too.I wouldn't say i'm rebellious just i just have my own head.I know whats right and know when to lie for the sake of a friend. I like music alot and hate silent rooms. Argue all you want with me, ill put up a good one. I draw and every one knows that. i like to sing in the shower. I share a room with my Twin. I do lots of weird stuff. Some times i'm a ninja on a mission, other times im sleeping, most the times, im a sleeping ninja. What, you ask? Why i made this tell the truth i dont know, why you reading it anyways, if your bored go look for a dead kid named Ray Browers or something. My best friend Tasha lives next door to me and we hang out all the time. If you pass by her house you might see her, twin and me attacking kids with Tortillas. Oh and im Mexican.. And i can make one hella good casadia! did you know that? Im pale i know....I blame Oregon..I love Oregon, such a nice place....Even though im going to Germany when i get older (hopefully 18......Im obsessed with the band Cinema Bizarre... I like oranges and nutella.. my favorite food is LASAGNA!!!! i LOVE favorite kinds are horror movies and chick flicks!! Im short so BLEH! hmmm.. i dont have alot to say i guess....ill post more later..if yah have questions message me, ill try to write you back!!

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