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Bio - Hello all. I have been employed at the same company for 20+ years. It's OK but I am seriously ready to move on. I don't think I want to just quit and take another job so I decided to try my hand at the internet. I have several sites that I have started and maintain. The first site being a site dealing with Cheap Hosting . It is not a get rich quick site but a site with real information and I hope can on occasion help someone to move forward. The second two sites I host are Classic Movies and Classic Cartoons . Movie sites seem to be very popular and I think will always remain so. Also I have an interest in classic and vintage anything so it keeps it easy to update. I will also start moving into website flipping but have only just started to develope niches in the area so I am a real beginner in this field. Finding the wanted niches seems to be the most dificult part of website flipping.

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