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What the press is saying about Metals

“Feist’s best and deepest album.”
“What a beautiful record. Truly gorgeous, the kind that wins both hearts and awards” (4 Stars)

“With her new album, ‘Metals,’ Leslie Feist recaptures her career.”

“ ‘Metals’ isn’t a follow-up, but a progression. (The album’s) 12 meticulously written songs drift along lightly but confidently, as if Feist had all the time in the world to write them.”

“ ‘Metals’, which borrows from jazz and blues, is an artfully arranged opus with such natural beauty, it should be certified organic. As for cruelty-free? Judging by her anguished vocals, not so much.”

“’ Metals’ is Feist’s return, and its spare, spindly songs are a reaction to and reflection on the past four years of her life. It’s also the best record she’s made.

“One of pop's most beguiling singer-songwriters…Her best album…”

“A refreshing and slyly badass statement of artistic integrity...”

“(Metals is) delicately intriguing, with surprising, often lovely flourishes — soulful horn fills here, a chanting chorus there…”

“Feist returns with another precious set of alt-pop..."

“(Metals) is consistently pretty, featuring mid-tempo melodies that favor the female alt-folk movement.”

“(Metals is) refreshing”

“With subtle melodies and off-beat time signatures, Feist manages to once again distill her trademark quirkiness into a very listenable collection.”

“(Metals) is worthy of praise from any angle you choose to view it.”

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