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What?! I still have a blog here?'s ten.

i was just googling my i hotel leland wong when I came upon one of my photos.   surprisingly it was linked to the Cherry Tree Records site.  wow...I have a blog here!   And it's been several years since I made and entry.  OK OK....since I"m here...lemme do a ten random thoughts posting.


1.  Me and numbers have not been getting along for it's even worse!  I can't even get my figures to do my taxes.

2.  That guy is getting weirder and weirder...the other night he told me if anyone wants to go out with his ex, they need his permission as a sign of respect and loyalty.  crazy mf... And I have to hear a lot of other crazy s***.

3.  My first one man show with all thirty of my Nihonmachi Street Fair posters ended after a five month run at NJAHS.

4.  For the closing party I had an event called Draw Me A Dragon.  About fifteen people attended and we cooked and ate soba and gyozas.

5.  My artist in residency at the Chinese Historical Society will be ending in September.  I just got the word. 

6.  the Dumpling Wars is coming up in a few weeks.  I am trying to get in shape and decide what kind of dumpling we are going to make.  Half the people from last year couldn't make it.  So I am still looking for a few more nimble fingered amongst WGUISFCT.

7.  I quit the Professional Photographers of America after more than twenty years.  I am no longer making the kind of money I used to make at photography for me to justify the $325 annual membership.

8.  Hey...what's going on here...they're not allowing me to add another photo.'s a youtube movie.

9.  Thinking of renting studio space at pier 19.  It's funky and spooky out there though.  No plumbing.  Just a portapottie.  The area is so's a perfect place to dump a dead body.

10.  My sleep schedule is really messed up.  I'm going to sleep now.  12:30 PM.

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