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I read an article today that stated that there are schools her in the states trying to get rid of their sex education classes. What are they thinking? Teen Pregnancies are up and STD infections are up. If anything schools should be increasing the number of sex education classes. I believe that through educating the youth of the world and by providing the means of protection that we can lower both of these statistics and improve the number of individuals attending college or achieving their dreams without having to live with these two stigma.

Schools should offer a class in middle school that is optional. However, they should make the class required in High School the freshman year. Most teen pregnancies occur between the ages of 14 and 17. Colleges should offer the classes as well.

Through providing the proper education and through openly talking about the problems these stigma would possibly be lesser of a problem.

Many educators believe it should be up to the parents to discuss these topics with their children and they are right however as adults don't we have a responsiblity to spread the word. Parents today have enough trouble talking to their teenagers as it is.

I have attended many schools and at each have attended a sex education class. But there was nothing in them about prevention or even how to use protection. There needs to be a unified class structure. One that includes diagrams of biology, what causes sexual urges, what happens to the body during puberty, what negative things can occur during sex, talking about the many forms of sex, the drawbacks of having certain forms of sex, STDS, Pregnancy, how to use a condom, all forms of birth control, Myths about sex and anonomous questions sections.

Anonymous questions section of the course is for the individuals who don't feel comfortable about asking the question in front of others. Too many teens today don't ask questions because they are embarrassed or think that someone will make fun of them for asking.

These classes should be taught by a certified nurse or doctor not a health or gym teacher.

Most adults don't know everything about sex. Many are figuring things out through trial and error. EDUCATION IS TRULY THE ONLY REAL WAY TOWARDS PREVENTION.

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Comment by Blake E.B Kingdoms on July 1, 2009 at 8:17pm
there trying to do WHAT? 0-0


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