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Welcome to Our Updated Web Site: From Martin on Monday, Feb. 23rd, 2009

Welcome everybody to our new and improved Web site. Lots of cool things to see, listen and do. I'm gonna do one of them right now: blog about what's happening.

Those of you following on will know I've been in Europe these last few days. Very exciting trip. Excellent shows (including La Roux at the Yo-yo club, good meetings, fun studio sessions and brief moments snuck in (eg. quick walk to the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris). Always good to take the bus and/or metro to look at the posters and dig how people flow through life locally. Record store visits are a must, especially in London where they're still so vibrant and remind me of when I was a kid in East Lansing, Michigan when taking the CATA bus to the record store felt urgent and important. It still feels that way in the UK now. Lots of people feel the same way in the US too, for sure, but it's been hard. Of course, plenty of environments have sprung up to enjoy new music. We've been doing our part to support retailers and also experiment with new ways to expose our artists' music. For example, we've had a lot of comments on our Web TV show "The Cherrytree House" in which artists visit our offices to chat and perform their songs. Those are a blast to tape. They can be viewed right here on

Also, we've been spending a lot of time making sure the programming at is original and fresh. We want the station to be your pop alternative and have been working to combine a broad playlist (not at all exclusive to Cherrytree artists but true to our pop alternative aesthetic) with artists exclusives and special features. I still get a thrill when I hear Sting's ID into The Police's live version of "Message in a Bottle" from their recent show in Buenos Aires.

In addition to producing The Cherrytree House and programming Cherrytree Radio, we've been creating artist-specific programming like the very popular "Transmission Gagavision," Lady Gaga's weekly Web TV show (new episodes debut every Tuesday at 6pm PST). There's nothing that Lady Gaga does that isn't compelling. Tony and I should know that because we're the ones who have to edit the show and it's hard to cut anything out.

Keep an eye out for new "Cherrytree TV" episodes from Robyn and Flipsyde. In the former, Robyn's hang-over from Grammy night doesn't deter her from blowing the crowd away at her Hollywood Borders in-store or ridiculing a patronizing journalist (I love how she says "a'right?"). In the latter, Piper from Flipsyde shows us his arduous work-out routine and lets us in on his philosopy: "you're either a tiger or a gazelle." It's not hard to guess which one he is. :-)

Lastly, look out for our first two "Cherrytree Sessions" releases (acoustic E.P.'s recorded at The Cherrytree House) from Robyn and Lady Gaga available now on CD at Borders and everywhere digitally. Keep an eye out for future volumes from Noah and the Whale and Keane due out shortly.

As you can see, we've got a lot going on here but, most importantly, we're having tons of fun. We get to work with super talented and trend-setting artists. Makes me want to take the bus down to the record store right now.

- Martin

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Comment by Tokio Hotel America -Official FC on February 24, 2009 at 3:23am
Welcome home Martin! Everything is so fresh and exciting. This has become our second home. Our first is, of course, the Tokio Hotel fanclub. We love our Germans.


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